10 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Windows

May 8, 2017

When your home in San Diego, CA gets older and starts to show signs of wear, you might want to look into replacing your windows. This will not only have a huge impact on the aesthetic of your home but has several other benefits as well. Read on and see for yourself why vinyl windows are quickly becoming the most popular products on the market.


Advantages of Choosing Vinyl Windows

When it comes to choosing the right material, keep in mind that vinyl windows:


  1. Improve Comfort

These new windows will help lock in the cold air during hot summer months. Also, depending on the glass, vinyl windows will cut down on glare, reduce solar heat gains, and block harsh and harmful UV rays.


  1. Reduce Utility Bills

Older windows lose about 30 percent of cooled or heated air. So a lot of the money you spend to keep your house cool is literally going right out the window. With new vinyl windows, you can cut down on those energy expenses and reduce your carbon footprint.


  1. Cut Down Outside Noise

Just as vinyl is a great insulator against the elements, it also helps block out sound. You will be amazed what a vinyl frame and argon gas sandwiched between two panes will do to reduce unwanted noise. Live near an airport or on a busy street? These are exactly the types of windows you need.


  1. Outlast Other Materials

Vinyl often holds up better, especially when compared to wood or aluminum windows. Vinyl does not rust, dent, rot, warp, or crack due to the elements. Because of special additives in the material these window frames will maintain their shape and strength for years to come.


  1. Require Less Maintenance

In line with durability, these windows also require less maintenance. You will never have to sand them down for repainting. All you need to do, to keep them looking like new, is wash them periodically with water and a mild detergent.


  1. Have Tax Credits

In California, there are several tax incentives when you chose to switch to more energy efficient materials in your home. It is possible you might qualify for a tax credit by installing vinyl windows.


  1. Are Easy to Install

Replacement vinyl windows are simpler to install and can save you time and money when you choose to work with a professional.


  1. Come in Different Colors and Styles

Choosing a window material is just the first step. You also need to consider function, design, and color. Fortunately vinyl is a highly versatile material. Manufacturers produce vinyl window frames in several shapes, styles, sizes, and colors.


  1. Increase Resale Value

Windows are one home improvement project that always has an excellent return on your investment. So if you are looking to sell, vinyl windows will improve curb appeal and get you the type of attention you are looking for from potential buyers.


  1. Are More Affordable

Compared to other material options, vinyl windows are the most affordable. This does not mean they are cheap, or cheaply made. There are different levels of quality vinyl, and you are sure to find an outstanding product to fit your budget.


Choose Window Solutions for Vinyl Windows

There is no better place to get vinyl windows near San Diego, CA than Window Solutions. We offer top quality products and top quality service. Come visit us at 11632 Riverside Dr Lakeside, CA 92040 to get a firsthand look at some of our vinyl windows. Or call for a free estimate today at 619-258-0515.

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