What Our Customers Are Saying

Good morning David.

Just wanted to express our great appreciation for the excellent job your company did on our windows. It’s just like our house has had a “facelift”, took 40 years off her face. LOL. But seriously we couldn’t be happier, and we just love the light and view in the kitchen. From start to finish your company has been efficient and respectful. It was effortless on our part, for which we are thankful.

Quality product,
Quality labor,
Quality service,
Reasonable prices.

Thank you,

Marino and Patti


I want to thank you for allowing Window Solutions to do this work for you.

We won’t know until the previous afternoon ( the 14th ) as to what time our installers will arrive. We will call in the afternoon to let you know how the routing is and the time.

As to furniture and blinds. Yes, we will require clear working areas for the windows and patio door. Usually the window blinds are easily removed by unclipping the top runner from the hold-down spring clips along the top bar. It might take a little ‘discovery’ to get the first one down, but after that you should be able to move quickly. The patio door is somewhat similar, but may be somewhat more awkward. If there is any problem with the blinds, we wouldn’t expect you to damage them trying to get them down. Our guys can usually take care of them quickly, but it is not usually something that we want to obligate them to do. It is also something that we wouldn’t want to have to replace if we somehow manage to damage the blinds. I am sure you can understand.

One final point is the rear patio wood deck. The area immediately adjacent to the patio door bottom has some wood decking material that will need to be removed prior to the installation of the new vinyl door. It would be best if you are able to remove the planks ( about the last four ). After the install, our guys would be able to cut or notch the wood to fit around the new door frame and sill. Leave some nails and they can reset the wood.

Again, I want thank you for having Window Solutions furnish and install the new vinyl windows and patio door for you.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Dennis Hartley