The 3 Main Features Of Energy Efficient Windows

Jul 2, 2018

Everyone is looking for increased energy efficiency these days. We’re considering more Earth-friendly cars, trucks, homes, home features… Our world is becoming more and more eco-conscious with every passing year. Cheers to us for moving in this direction, right?! And, often times, choosing a more environmentally responsible option comes with rewards: tax breaks, long-term energy cost savings… It’s worth our effort, for sure.


Though, if you’re like me (an average income-maker), you won’t be doling out the big bucks to add solar panels to your rooftop anytime soon. Love the idea but can’t afford it—that’s where I’m at. It’s ok, though! There are plenty of other ways to assist Mother Nature and save a bit of dough and I want to talk to you about one of them: energy-efficient windows.


Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: aren’t replacement windows expensive? Yes and no. It depends on how you pick ‘em and how you view long-term investments with regard to your Carmel Valley, CA home. You see, ever since I moved here to Cali, most people I meet have energy efficient windows (we’re leading the Earth-friendly movement in the nation, by the way…)! People here just want to do better for our environment; it’s refreshing. So, I’m here to share with you what I’ve learned about energy efficient windows—because I love our planet and I LOVE saving money! And… I assume you do, too!


Here are the 3 main features of energy efficient windows!


  1. Frames
    Frames play a big role in how effective (or ineffective) your windows are at keeping the heat out in the summer and in during the winter. They’re the structural “backbone” of each window and will help to keep each of yours functioning for decades. That said, you’ll want to choose material known for its thermal capabilities. Here are my suggestions:
  • Vinyl: it looks great, it can match a “wood look,” and it’s low-maintenance. Vinyl doesn’t chip, crack, warp, or require re-painting or re-staining. Plus, it’s uniquely designed to withstand the hash impact of UV rays from the sun.
  • Wood clad fiberglass: the real wood you want, with the superior strength and air/water resistance of fiberglass.  
  1. Style
    Surprised to see “style” listed on energy-efficient features? Well, it’s true—the window style does impact its thermal effectiveness. For example, windows with a lot of glass area are more energy efficient during daylight hours because they lessen the need for artificial lighting. Hello, cheaper electricity bills! On the other hand, operable windows can help you save on air conditioning when the temperatures outside are warm (but not hot) by cranking open those casement windows (for example) and letting the breeze in!  
  2. Glass
    Of course, the glass is a big part of saving on energy. The lower the emissivity rating, the better the insulation. Want to reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 25%? Look for that Low-E rating.


Come check out the window options at Window Solutions to find the energy efficiency you’re looking for. The team can’t wait to meet you!


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