4 Summer Upgrades Your Home Needs!

Jun 11, 2018

This summer, you probably want to take full advantage of the warm weather! I mean, seriously—what’s the point of pleasant, warm weather if you can’t be outside and enjoy it? But, when there isn’t a good place to sit or enough windows to allow in the warm breezes, the summer escapes you!

To help you ensure enjoyment at home this summer, the professional team here at Window Solutions in La Jolla, CA wants to share with you some tips and ideas! Check out these four home projects to consider this summer to upgrade your home!

1. Focus on the greenery
The more aesthetically pleasing your yard is (or patio, or tiny concrete outdoor condo space), the better! Natural foliage is an instant upgrade to your home. Add some flower beds, hanging planters, and herb gardens. The colors will brighten your day and the herbs will add deliciousness to your culinary creations!

2. Upgrade your outdated patio door
No matter how pretty your patio is, your patio door sets the tone for your space. If your is outdated, too small, or non-existent, isn’t it time you fixed it? We’d love to show you our patio door options and find you the one that’s perfect for your home style and needs.

3. Replace your small windows with larger ones
You can not enjoy your outdoor views if you can’t see them. Small windows do nothing for the aesthetics of your home, the value, or the amount of natural light—which you need—throughout your space! Further, and especially during the summer, you will want to see the goings-on outside: the flowers blooming, the sun shining, the birds twitterpating, and the clear moonlit nights. Whether you need eyes-on the kids at play or you want to take in your surroundings—you need clear views. Our windows here at Window Solutions will transform your home! We can retrofit replacements or upgrade you to new, HUGE improvements!

4. A screened-in enclosed space
Now, we’re not telling you to empty your savings account and add on a 4-season porch (though, how beautiful are four-season porches?!)—but wouldn’t it be nice to sit outside with your family and friends without combatting bugs, wind, and light rain showers? Consider screening-in all or part of your porch or deck. Or, check out small gazebo options (did you know they have those at some major hardware stores?)! For a super-affordable possibility, look for screen houses at your local department or home goods store. What a neat solution to spending all the time you can outside this summer!

As the summer draws near and the days grow longer and longer, consider one of these four options (or, if you’re feeling extra excited, ALL FOUR!) to enhance your backyard/outside space! If you do decide to upgrade your patio windows La Jolla, give the expert team here at Window Solutions a chance to show you around our showroom! We’d love to work with you.

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