The Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Oct 2, 2017

While shopping for new windows for your San Diego home, you’ll find there are a number of quality materials to choose from. However, there is one material that has grown to be the most popular window material on the market. Vinyl windows were introduced in the early 1970s as a more cost effective alternative on the market. Since then, they have grown in popularity due to their impressive list of benefits. Let’s discuss some of the major benefits of vinyl windows and why they may be the right choice for your home.

#1 Vinyl Windows are Incredibly Energy Efficient
Over time, homeowners began to notice that having vinyl windows installed was literally saving them hundreds on annual energy expenses. This is due to the fact that vinyl windows come equipped with a number of features that enhance their insulation capabilities. These features include expanding PVC material (for a snug insulating fit), thick double or triple-pane glass, and a durable weather resistant material that reduces the likelihood of damage, gaps and drafts occurring within the frame.

#2 Vinyl Windows Provide Better Protection for Your Home
Your windows are one of the easiest access points for outside threats to enter your home. Fortunately, vinyl windows protect your home in a number of ways, thanks to their thick double and triple-pane glass, durable frames, and convenient design that’s compatible with most security hardware upgrades.

#3 Vinyl Windows are Low Maintenance
If you currently own more traditional windows, like wood windows, chances are you’re familiar with the peeling, sanding, painting, and staining required to keep them looking like new. Fortunately, vinyl windows maintain their aesthetic appeal without the extra effort. In fact, homeowners with vinyl windows will only need to wash them occasionally with simple soap and water.

#4 Vinyl Windows Increase Your Resale Value
Every home improvement project should be treated as a potential investment if you plan on reselling your home one day. This includes your windows! Recent real estate reports have found that homes with vinyl windows installed will typically sell at a higher rate than those without them. In fact, homeowners can expect up to an 80% return on the original cost of the windows once the home has sold; now that’s a valuable investment!

#5 Vinyl Windows Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
With vinyl windows La Mesa, CA strong insulating capabilities, you’ll use less heating and air conditioning. In addition, vinyl windows don’t require cutting any trees down to be used as a material, making them the more eco-friendly window material option.

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