Is There A “Best” Time Of Year To Replace Your Windows?

May 7, 2018

Wondering when the best time is to tackle your San Diego home replacement project with the experts here at Window Solutions? A lot of homeowners wonder this very thing! Springtime is one of the most popular times for construction projects—large and small. With everyone desiring a fresh start to the year ahead with a renewed look and feel at home, we aren’t surprised by the influx in home estimate requests and traffic through our showroom.

Though, just because the spring season is a popular time of year for window replacement projects, this doesn’t mean it’s the “best” time. In fact, the window installation process itself is not seasonal. That’s right; window replacement projects can be done all year long without many setbacks—especially here in California. There are, of course, unique advantages for each season…

Spring & summer replacement advantages:
If you are replacing multiple windows, scheduling the project during the warmer (but not too warm) months will keep unpleasant, cold drafts from floating through your home. For seasonal workers (like teachers and various other school and college employees), summertime is a great season because the homeowner can be home without taking days off.

Fall & winter replacement advantage:
As mentioned, many homeowners prefer the warmer months to schedule their window replacement project. But, if you choose to schedule yours in the colder months, chances are good that you’ll have the freedom to choose almost any day and time—there are fewer homeowners vying for specific dates!

So, is there a “best” time, you may be wondering? Yes. But it doesn’t have to do with the weather. Keep reading.

When should windows be replaced?
Two very different answers emerge to this question: when you need your windows replaced and/or when you want them replaced. Let’s break both of these answers down…
– When you NEED your windows replaced:
You may not always be aware when you need your windows replaced, so if you suspect there may be an issue with one or many of them, give our pros a call to set up a free, in-home consultation and we’ll help you figure it out. You’ll know you’ll need your windows replaced when they are no longer working properly (they won’t open or close correctly, they won’t lock, etc.), when they are showing signs of warping or rotting, or when they no longer seem to be keeping your indoor temps regulated.
– When you WANT your windows replaced:
You can want new windows for any reason! Typically, homeowners who wish for new windows (even when they don’t need them) are usually preparing their home for sale. Some are looking to upgrade the look of their home while others are finally in a financial spot to add bigger, better windows to their original floorplan/purchase.

Now, quit worrying about the “best” time to schedule your windows replacement San Diego project and give the crew at Window Solutions a call! We can’t wait to get started with you!

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