Cozying Up Your Open Floor Plan

Apr 30, 2018

Open floor plans are in demand for new homes as well as remodels here in San Diego, CA. There’s a lot to be said about a home that is conducive to watching the evening news while you prepare dinner and keep an eye on the children playing outside on the swing set. Whether it’s a small home or large, everyone wants the limitlessness of less walls and fewer divides. But, as popular as openness is today, it does present a challenge for interior decorating. So, let’s look at some options!

Adding warmth to your open space
With open floor plans, the beauty and the challenge are the same: uninterrupted space that needs a designer’s touch. This can feel like an opportunity and a curse for any homeowner! Don’t stress, just focus on these three key components to create the warm, inviting space you desire:

1. Layers. Bold colors and varying textures bring a coziness to any room. Choose a shag area rug and partially layer it over top of another flat, textile area rug. Anchor one down with a leather or industrial ottoman and tall floor lamps. You don’t want to overdo it, but keeping the eye moving from texture to color to height is the goal. A couple throws across the couch and armchair are a beautiful touch, too.

2. Layout. In an open concept design, the key is to arrange the furniture around a focal point. The large, open room doesn’t have to be intimidating. Choose a focal point and run with it! This could be a fireplace, a television, a large piece of artwork, or a unique coffee table. Arrange the larger pieces of furniture in a comfortable formation and work out from there.

3. Create “nooks.” Define spaces with area rugs—this helps to ground each area to its function. Plus, it helps to protect your floors! Functional zoning is another great way to define a space for multiple purposes. For example, a compact workspace for homework, a reading nook with a comfortable chair and small table, or a family planning center with a mail drop, stamps, and calendar!

Spring for replacement windows
Added natural light is an open concept home’s best friend. The more windows, the more connected you will feel to your outdoor space. Essentially, adding as many windows as you can is much like extending your open concept to the outdoors! Consider a large picture window or a four-panel multi-slide door system. Even a wall of large, double-hung windows!

Fight the “cavern” feel
Open spaces can give a “hollow,” cavern-like vibe to open-concept homes, especially large ones. Don’t worry, you can and should keep your vaulted ceilings! But, tone down that not-so-welcoming vibe with a large, hanging light fixture. With a stunning, geometric shaped light fixture dropped over your main seating area, your open space will be toned-down without forfeiting that sought-after dramatic height!

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