Enhancing Home Security–Window Replacement

Dec 20, 2021

You probably have a lot of different goals in mind for your home when you get replacement windows in Lakeside, CA. You want more energy efficiency in your house, that’s for sure, and that will come automatically even if you just get standard windows. But when you upgrade, you’ll get even more. Another thing that will come automatically with your new windows, and something you might really want and need, is further home security. There are lots of things about your new windows that will make them much safer than the old windows you have in place now.

Brand New Locks

All of your old windows are going to have parts that age and wear out over time. You can rest assured that you have brand new products all the way around when you get new windows. They will have, for example, new locks. New locks are going to be better than old, worn locks. Locks are very technologically advanced today and they are impossible to break open from the outside of your home. They are going to be sturdy and hold fast and that can help you feel better about home security.

Strong Frame Materials

Technology has come a long way and frame materials are much stronger now than they were in the past as well. Plus, any frames you get will also be new, which is going to make them stronger than your old windows automatically. You will feel good about your windows being strong and durable because of their materials.

A Tight Fit

Older windows have a tendency to grow gaps and leaks over their years of use and when you have those, they aren’t fitted tightly to your home any longer. That means air gets through, but pests like bugs can also get in. That doesn’t make your home a secure place in that way and where there are gaps, intruders might be able to get a crowbar in and pry the window open as well. New windows are going to be fitted tightly to your house with no gaps for air or anything else to get in.

replacement windows in Lakeside, CAStronger Glass

When you get new windows, they are going to come standard with double pane glass. That’s a very strong type of glass that is harder to break. If you upgrade and get triple pane glass, that’s even harder to breakthrough. You could even get impact resistant glass, which won’t break even if someone throws a brick at it. There are security options when it comes to glass on new windows.

Emergency Options

You might feel leery about your home’s windows because they are painted shut. If you can’t open and close them, that’s a hazard and a safety issue in your home. When you have an emergency that requires a second exit, you need to be able to get those windows open. Replacement windows in Lakeside, CA are going to easily give you the exit you need if you were to ever need it. Window Solutions can help you with those security issues.

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