Why You Should Entrust Your Home Projects To An Expert

Mar 16, 2018

There’s a dazzling sense of accomplishment around completing your own home project. You get bragging rights with your friends, you get to feel a sense of accomplishment when you look at your work, and—if you do it right—you save yourself some money. Here are some examples of great home DIY projects you can easily do without professional assistance:

  • New wall color paint
  • Wallpaper in the guest room
  • Repurposing old windows into wall art
  • Turning jars into candle holders and lamps

But, there are some projects better left to the professionals:

  • Replacement entry doors
  • New patio doors
  • Replacement windows

You see, we all want to save money—but when it comes to your major home projects, it’s not worth the risk.

Risks associated with DIY home projects:

Some of you reading this are bull-headed. That’s ok. Bear with me, here. If you are intent on installing your own windows and doors, please know these are the risks associated with doing so:

  • Injury. There are so many ways to hurt yourself during an installation: falling off a ladder, slamming your hand(s) in a window, cutting yourself with a tool, over-extending your back, lifting too much and pulling a muscle…
  • Overspending. Often times, homeowners who attempt their first installation project realize—too late, unfortunately—that they don’t have all the tools they need! And, if you’re familiar with how expensive tools are… This can add up quickly.Uninsured mistakes. This is another costly, and common, occurrence when overzealous DIYers take on a difficult home project. For example, imagine dropping the windows you purchased while trying to install them from the third story of your home. That’s an expensive accident, and insurance won’t cover it.
  • Improper budgeting. If a fixture isn’t airtight, you could quickly develop damage and deterioration—which will be on you, when it could’ve been covered under warranty with a professional.

Benefits of using the pros

In contrast to all these risks, using a professional—like those here at Window Solutions, serving the Carmel Valley, CA community—is the safe way to go (and more enjoyable!).

  • A wealth of knowledge. Whether you realize it or not, you can’t possibly know everything there is to know about and expect from a windows or door installation, unless installation is your full-time profession. Any question you may have, a professional will be able to answer.
  • Timeliness. Have you ever begun a DIY project and then completed it 8 months later? This won’t happen when you entrust your project to a trustworthy professional. On average, window and door replacement projects last 1-2 days.
  • Peace of mind. This covers everything else. With a professional—one who’s certified and trained and backed by warranties on both products and workmanship—your project is protected. Further, your home is protected by insurance (should there be any accidental or negligent damages). Your products are protected and replaceable if they are damaged or installed improperly.

Leave the big projects—like Carmel Valley replacement windows and doors—to the professionals. If you live in the area, give Window Solutions a call!


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