Important Tips to Finding the Right Vinyl Windows for Your Home

Nov 13, 2017

So you’re finally ready to purchase vinyl windows for your San Diego home…congrats! Vinyl windows are a smart investment that will provide your home with a number of benefits. However, there are still some important things to keep in mind while shopping to help ensure that you find the highest quality of vinyl windows for your home. To help you out, we’ve created a short vinyl windows buying guide with some of our favorite industry insider tips.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Blue Tint

When vinyl windows were first launched, it quickly caught on that those with a blue tint were of a higher quality than those without. This is due to the fact that some manufacturers started adding on an additional chemical to increase the windows’ insulating capabilities. That chemical created a slightly blue tint. Unfortunately, competing manufacturers began adding their own blue dye to windows to create the same look without the added benefit.

Always Check the Label

To the naked eye, two vinyl windows can look exactly the same, but there’s usually quite a bit more going on that goes unseen. To get the full scoop on a vinyl window model, always check the label to see if the model is ENERGY STAR certified, or to check it’s U-factor. The windows’ U-factor is a rating, similar to the miles-per-hour on your car, that determines how well a window will insulate your home. Remember, when reading the u-factor, the lower the score, the better the window insulates.

Don’t Let a Price Tag Sway You

Since the early 1970’s, vinyl windows have held their place as one of the most economical window options on the market. However, if you’re doing a comparison between two vinyl window models, don’t automatically assume the one with the higher cost is a better quality window. Windows are priced for a number of reasons, including aesthetic appeal or a current industry trend. That doesn’t necessarily mean the windows are more functional than other models.

Choose Double or Triple Pane Glass

When it comes to vinyl windows, double or triple pane glass comes standard. If you’re considering a model that only features single pane glass, it’s red flag. Double and triple pane glass can increase the energy efficiency of your home, enhance your security, and even reduce the amount of exterior noise that enters your home. View it as a deal breaker!

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