Is It Time For Window Replacement?

Oct 25, 2021

When you look at your home, what do you see? Do you see something that looks fresh and new? When you first moved in, perhaps that was the case, but over the years, the elements and time take over and you need to replace and maintain things. How do you know when you need to take on the project of getting replacement windows in Lakeside, CA? Here are a few signs that will let you know that project is a good idea.

The Window Is Cracked Or Broken

If you have a window or many windows that are cracked or broken in any way, it’s time to replace them. Perhaps the glass is cracked or the lock is broken. Whatever the case may be, if the windows are older and they are starting to break down because of their age, you should replace them instead of trying to repair parts that are likely going to fail again.

The Windows Are Decades Old

How old are your windows? If they have been there as long as the house has been and you know what year it was built, it’s possible they are decades old. Windows are meant to last a long time, but not forever. Once your windows have a few decades on them, it’s time to start looking at them for things they might be doing wrong. If your energy bills are creeping up and you feel drafts, they may have issues, and replacing them can take care of all of those for you.

The Home Is Uncomfortable

If you find yourself fiddling with the thermostat all of the time trying to make the home comfortable, but you still feel hot or cold, that’s just not right—and it could be the windows. Windows that let air leak in or out are working against you and the temperature you want. They also aren’t doing your energy efficiency any favors. When you get new windows, the air stays in place and you can have the temperature you actually want…consistently throughout the whole house. You get the comfort you deserve—finally.

replacement windows in Lakeside, CAThere’s Condensation Between Panes

When you see condensation on the inside or outside of the glass, that’s a normal thing that tells you one side or the other is humid. You can take care of those issues and the windows are likely fine. But when there’s condensation between the panes of glass, the seals are broken and that’s a huge sign that you need new windows as soon as you can get them.

The Energy Bills Are High

Energy bills are going to rise because energy costs rise, but when your bills are going up so fast you know it’s more than just energy costs, it’s probably the windows that are causing those costs. Getting new windows will make your bills fall to a level you can afford and they will stay there. Getting replacement windows in Lakeside, CA when you need them can help you to keep your bills nice and low for a long time.

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