What to Look for in Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows

Feb 12, 2018

So, you’ve decided to purchase vinyl windows for your San Diego home. Congrats! Vinyl windows have quickly grown to be the most widely purchased window material in the country and offer a wide variety of benefits. One benefit vinyl windows have earned a reputation for is their impressive energy efficient qualities. Still, it’s important to remember that not all vinyl windows are created equal and if you’re looking for quality, energy efficient vinyl windows there are some important factors you’ll want to be on the lookout for. Let’s discuss exactly what to look for while shopping for energy efficient vinyl windows.

1. Always Check the Label
Two vinyl windows can be virtually indistinguishable to the human eye, yet offer a completely different levels of performance. So how do you know which windows can get the job done? Try shopping for vinyl windows the same way you shop for food…by checking the label. The label on your vinyl windows will tell you important information like whether or not the window model is ENERGY STAR preferred, or what the window’s U-factor is. Remember, the U-factor (also known as a u-rating) is designed to tell you how well a window will insulate your home. The lower the score, the better its insulating capabilities.

2. Don’t Be Fooled by the Blue Tint
When vinyl windows were first introduced to the market, it didn’t take builders and homeowners long to realize there was a higher quality to those that had a slightly blue tint. This was due to an extra chemical manufacturers were adding during the manufacturing process to enhance insulation. Unfortunately, competitors also realized the trend and began adding their own blue “tint” to the mix to create the same look without the added benefit. If you like the color of the blue tint, perfect, but remember it doesn’t necessarily do much for your windows energy efficient qualities.

3. Always Go for Double or Triple Paned Windows
According to the American Energy Association (AEA), nearly 60% of the energy wasted in the average American household escapes through the windows and doors. Windows that use thin, single pane glass are a large contributor to this percentage. Try choosing vinyl windows La Jolla with double or triple pane glass for optimal insulation and keep your heating and cooling efforts inside where they belong.

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