Looking To Replace Your Home Windows? Look For These 3 Features!

Jun 25, 2018

Window shopping—literal window shopping—often causes anxiety in homeowners. It’s an expensive endeavor. It’s unfamiliar territory. It involves salespeople. Try not to panic if you’re looking for new windows for your home. There is a surefire way to make it through the process of budgeting and working with a salesperson to find the right choice(s) for your Alpine, CA home. And, the pros here at Window Solutions want to help!


Now, spending your hard-earned money on anything can sometimes feel like a painful process, especially if you’re unfamiliar with what you need to be looking for. But, it doesn’t have to be painful! When you’ve budgeted and prepared, working directly with a knowledgeable salesperson is much less daunting.


So, that surefire way to prepare for window shopping? Education. I know, I know—not fun. But, I promise you that I am not suggesting you run to the library and check out scores of books about windows and spend hours learning them—that’s our job here at Window Solutions. What I am suggesting is that you make an attempt to digest manageable-sized chunks of useful info. You need to understand a few important things before investing in new windows for your home, right? Right!


Check out these 3 features you need in new home windows:


  1. Energy Efficiency
    If there’s a feature you want in your home, this is it. When you are perusing our inventory here at Window Solutions—or anywhere else you choose to visit—pay attention to the energy-savings technology listed in the manufacturer information. You’ll want to see things like:
  • Low emissivity (“Low-E”) glass—thisis a film coating which reflects radiant infrared energy back towards the sun, rather than passing through the glass.
  • Double or triple glazed/pane glass—this technology “traps” air between the glass to reduce heat transfer.
  1. High-Quality Material
    There are just some items in life you want to be “name-brand.” When it comes to your windows, look for names you can trust:
  • Milgard
  • Simonton
  • MI Windows
  • Jeldwen
  • Plygem
  • W.C.
  • Amsco
  1. Style
    How the window functions needs to be #1 on your list, which is why we’ve listed energy efficiency and high-quality materials But, how the window looks and matches with your home style and décor is also very important. Don’t pigeon-hole yourself into thinking your windows have to be uniform or standard; they don’t! Speak with a trusted industry specialist for guidance on how best to match new windows with your home, architecture, and personal taste. Whether you’re looking to add natural light, unique customizations, or grandeur—you can have it all.

Window shopping doesn’t have to feel daunting if you educate yourself a bit and choose a reputable company to work with! Come visit our team of specialists here at Window Solutions. We’d love to work with you!


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