Looks Are Deceiving: Single and Double Hung Replacement Windows

Nov 5, 2018

Rancho Bernardo, CA replacement windows

Although single and double hung windows look the same when they are hanging in a home, they have their differences as well. If you are getting Rancho Bernardo, CA replacement windows, it’s worth your time to look into the differences so you know what will work better for your family. The fact that these two windows look alike is about where their similarities end.  

Single Hung Windows 

These windows are popular replacement windows because they are easy to operate, they look nice, and they are reasonably priced among the options. Single hung windows have just a bottom sash that raises and lowers. It will also often tilt in for cleaning. However, cleaning the top sash is harder since it must be done outside. IT also have reduced ventilation since only one sash opens. There are different options available in terms of colors, grid patterns, gas fillings, locks, and more.  

Double Hung Windows 

Double hung windows look the same as single hung when they are closed, but they operate differently. With double hung windows, you can open and close both sashes and they also both tilt in for easy cleaning. Since you can open both parts of the window, you can have better airflow. The hot air goes out the top and the cooler air comes in the bottom. These windows are priced higher, of course, than single hung windows so you have to make sure the added benefits are worth the extra money.  

Choosing The Right Style 

Choosing windows that work well for your home depend on your preferences and your overall budget for the project. If you think you would rarely, if ever, use the top sash anyway, perhaps you’d rather save money with single hung windows. If you won’t be able to clean the top sash on a second story, perhaps double hung is a better solution for easy cleaning. There are a variety of reasons to choose one over the other and only you can make that ultimate decision. Think about your daily life and how your windows fit in. Are there things about single hung that work better for you? Or maybe double hung is the answer to your goals? Use the pros and cons of each to make a decision.  

If you want more information on Rancho Bernardo, CA replacement windows, whether you’re interested in single hung, double hung, or another style, call Window Solutions at (619) 258-0515 for a free consultation. We can go over your goals, your budget, and your specific situation so we can talk about what might be best to fit your needs. We want you to make an informed decision and that means talking through all the details upfront. You can stop by and see the difference in person if that would help you get a visual image for the project. Our showroom is located at 11632 Riverside Dr Lakeside, CA 92040. We’re here to help in any way we can. 

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