Making Good Decisions For Your Home Windows

Mar 26, 2018

Here at Windows Solutions, we have helped thousands of homeowners in La Jolla, El Cajon, Del Mar and several other places in the San Diego, CA area upgrade their homes with new, beautiful windows. Further, we handle projects large and small, which include everything from whole-home replacement projects, to new entry doors, to new patio doors and bi-fold walls! Needless to say, we love helping our neighbors make their homes beautiul.

Over the many years in this industry, we’ve learned homeowners always want cost-effective solutions. Of course! No one wants to extend themselves beyond their financial means! But, keep in mind, cost-effectiveness does not mean you should settle for the cheaper alternatives. In fact, one of your greatest mistakes could be pursuing “band-aide” repairs when what you really need is a high-quality replacement.  

Believe it or not, there is a way to get the best of both worlds: quality and value for your money! Keep reading for a few helpful tips we want you to remember before you spend too much time and money, needlessly.

1.    Don’t put off replacements

I know how easy it is to procrastinate on a window replacement project when money feels too tight. The truth is, once you start looking into possibilities, you are likely to be surprised by what options there are within your budget. Further, you can handle your home’s window replacements incrementally. We encourage homeowners all the time to consider chipping away at what needs to be done rather than saving and saving for years before beginning anything. Often, with windows, the longer you wait—the bigger the problem.

2.    Don’t cut corners with your replacements
If you decide to get rid of your current windows, be sure not to settle for sub-par windows or cheap labor to cut corners and save a few bucks. Window replacement is an investment. Well-made windows installed by certified, experienced installers last longer, perform better, and bring value to your home (which helps for resale and refinancing). Further, please do not attempt to install your own windows—you will likely find yourself in over your head! Attempting to replace your own windows is risky if you do not have installation experience and certifications. Remember, when you choose to work with Window Solutions, our products and workmanship are backed by insurance and warranties.

3.    Pay attention to manufacturers

Names in the window industry you may already be familiar with—and are excellent in quality and affordability—are:








Recognize any of these? We’d be happy to let you familiarize yourself with these well-made products at our showroom in El Cajon!

The team here at Window Solutions looks forward to helping you make smart, affordable decisions regarding your window needs. We have helped your fellow neighbors, coworkers, and friends with their windows replacement San Diego projects and we want to earn your business, too!


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