My New Picture Window

Apr 2, 2018

When I was a young girl, I was very attached to my parents. And, today, we’re still close. You see, I was the oldest of two and for the first eight years of my life, I was an only child. My parents were very young when they had me, and they did the best they could. I’ve always known I am loved and I never worried about or wanted for anything.

I remember, distinctly, the ritual my mother and I had when she left for work each morning.

Her day started earlier than my dad’s and it was his role to bring me to day-care each day, on his way to work. The ritual went something like this: she woke me up, gently, as she was just ready to walk out the door. She would carry me to the living room and set me on the couch near the large picture window we had in the living room. In my sleepiness and through my half-open eyes, I would watch her back down our small driveway and wave to her as she disappeared down the road, headed to Del Mar, CA for her work day.

My dad and I had a similar ritual. Immediately after he kissed me goodbye at day-care each day, I would run up the stairs to my caretaker’s living room and stand at the large picture window as he backed down the driveway to leave me for the day and go to work. We’d wave and blow kisses.

Obviously, these are fond, vivid memories. Years ago, when I began looking for my “forever” home, I wrote down my top three most important features:

  • Three bedrooms
  • A yard big enough to plant a small garden
  • A large picture window, like my parents’ have

With each prospective home, I came up short. The closest I found to “the perfect home” was one in El Cajon—not far from my childhood home. It had three bedrooms and a den, a 1-acre yard, and an open concept. But, it didn’t have a large picture window on the main floor in the living room.

I was torn. My husband promised me we would get one installed, but I worried that would end up on a bucket list for several years. I just had to have it. He persisted. In fact, he set up a meeting for us at Window Solutions to discuss the removal of the small window cluster on the main floor to be replaced with my ever-so-important picture window. Not only could they do it, but it was going to be within our budget—including the purchase of the new home.

I am telling you all this to say, get what you want. If there is a feature of the home windows Del Mar that’s important to you, don’t settle. Window Solutions can help you get there like they did for us. I’m so excited to begin the same “bye-bye” ritual with my children one day soon (we’re expecting!)—Window Solutions made that possible!


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