No Time For An Ugly Home!

Feb 26, 2018

Life’s too short to live anywhere you don’t absolutely love. But, creating your dream space is a lot of work and can often take many years to accomplish—especially if you do not have professional guidance! Here at Window Solutions, we are equipped with the expertise you need to kick-start the renovation of your Poway, CA, home.

So, where should we start? It’s up to you. Check out the options we have here that are sure to elevate your less-than-lovely home to the home of your dreams!

At Window Solutions, we offer many different varieties of window options, to include unique selections you won’t always find with our competitors. Whether you’re looking for slider windows, picture, bay, casement, custom shapes, etc.—we have what you need to elevate the ambiance and natural lighting in your home. Further, we can do the following:
– Retro Fit Windows: a special type of replacement which involves inserting a replacement window into an existing frame.
– Block Frame Windows: this allows our professionals to replace a window into an existing wood frame or cement block opening. This is great for keeping the original look of your home, while still enjoying the upgraded look and comfort of glazed windows!
– Total Replacement: just like it sounds—existing frames and windows are removed and new, gorgeous, high-quality windows are put in.

What door do you envision for your home? Or, should I say, what doors? Imagine how fresh and new your home will look with a brand-new entry door and back patio door. Or, if your master bedroom allows for it, a pair of French doors. The entrances to the home are critical to the entire feel of your spaces. Why? Well, they are the welcome passageways into your domain; they allow for company, guests, family, and friends to join you and make memories. That said, they should be beautiful and functional for you.

Shower Enclosures
Now, there are a few places homeowners claim to be their “official” haven—the bathroom is usually at the top of the list. But, this is only true if you love your bathroom. Let our pros here at Window Solutions help you bring your bathroom to life with a new shower enclosure! We can do anything from your basic shower door to unique custom designs; the sky’s the limit!

Mirrors add luxury and depth to any room. Here, we can cut and polish any mirror size and shape you need! Do you have a room designated for an in-home gym? We can cover a wall in mirrors for you. Are you a dancer or do you have little dancers in your home? Let us furnish you a wall-to-wall mirror! Whatever you need, we can do it!

Life really is too short to live in a home you don’t love. Let the experts here at Window Solutions window contractors Poway help you get there!

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