Reasons To Upgrade From Single Pane Windows

Jul 12, 2021

If you have older windows in your home, they might have single pane glass. That used to be the standard, so it makes sense. But it might be time to upgrade from those old windows with just one pane of glass to replacement windows in Lakeside, CA. Today, windows come with double pane glass as a standard. Not only do you get a second pane of glass, but you also get the space between the glass, which helps you to insulate your home further. Here are a few reasons to move forward with that process sooner rather than later.

More Insulation For The Home

As mentioned, double pane glass insulates your home further. First, you have a second pane of glass and second, there’s a space between the panes of glass, which also slows any airflow that tries to get through. When you have more insulation in the home, it will be more comfortable for your family inside. It will also lower your energy bills and you don’t even have to attempt to use less energy to get those savings. Insulating your home against the weather outside is always a good thing.

Less Noise To Disturb Family

When you have windows that are double pane glass, you are going to notice a huge difference in what you hear from outside the home. The single pane glass doesn’t block much noise, but double pane will do a much better job. You’ll have much better quietness in your home, which can help you relax in the peace, as you deserve. If you want even more peace and quiet, you can consider upgrading to triple pane glass to reduce noise even more.

Invest In Home Value

Getting new windows has a cost to it, but it’s an investment into your home. When you get new windows, you spend money to get those windows. But it’s not money you are wasting by any means. You are going to get that money back in a variety of ways. First, you will get money back on your energy bills because you will save lots on a monthly basis. Second, your home will be higher in value so you can get the rest of the money back when you sell the house in the future. It’ll sell for a higher price and most likely faster, too.

replacement windows in Lakeside, CAEnjoy Smaller Bills

Part of having insulation in a home is saving energy, which will lower your energy bills. Before, you were paying for energy you didn’t even use since it flew right out the window. Double pane glass will present that and lower your bills so you can spend that money on other things.

When you get replacement windows in Lakeside, CA for your single pane glass windows, you will at least get double pane glass. That’s the standard today and it’s very good. You can upgrade to triple pane glass as well. The professionals at Window Solutions are here to help you with the decisions, large and small.

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