Replacement Windows For Fresh Air

Mar 19, 2018

Summer is just around the corner. Can you feel the excitement? Sure, here in San Diego, CA, we are blessed with nice weather most of the year—but there is something special about the summertime. It has its own special allure and excitement. The sun here is the best, the fresh air is perfect. You are probably already opening your windows in the middle of the day to breathe in the fresh air after the last handful of months of too-chilly air. Mmmmmm… fresh air is the best, isn’t it?

I have to ask: have you noticed any of your windows not opening as easily as they used to? Perhaps you have to throw a little weight into it, as you push them open. Or, perhaps your double-hung windows don’t slide up as easily as they used to. Maybe they open just fine but closing them is the struggle. Worse—did any of them slam closed after being open for a short while? Replacement windows may be the solution.

Around this time of year, as summer is approaching, the experts here at Window Solutions receive a lot of phone calls about stubborn, sticky, and inoperable windows. That fresh air rush has a way of revealing windows that have seen their last year in the home. If this resonates, you may want to give our team a call, too!

Reasons you need to replace inoperable windows:
Windows that won’t operate properly are a nuisance. When you want fresh air—you don’t want to fight your windows to get it! But, there are more important reasons than mere impatience to replace your windows:
– Safety: sticky windows can easily become risky windows. If you have little ones, this is especially concerning. Fingers can and will eventually get slammed or jammed.
– Emergency exits: No one likes to think about potential house fires or intruders—but, in the event you experience either of these scares, your windows need to provide you a quick exit, should you need it.
– Pests: Inoperable windows are often due to warped frames. This means pest and insects can find their way into your home, disturbing you and your family!
– Avoid further issues: A sticky window could lead to broken glass (if it falls or if you have to slam it closed too often)—then, you’ll find yourself in an emergency replacement situation. Better to prevent this!

Reasons you should enjoy fresh air:
Most people spend nearly 90% of each day indoors. Can you believe that? Not only is that unfortunate—it’s bad for your health! Here are a couple reasons you should have operable windows that allow you fresh air more often:
– Air quality: Toxins, allergens, and air pollutants can build up in your home. A little fresh air through an open window during the day does a lot to flush that out.
– Smell: That’s right—smells. Fresh air draws out toxins which cause unpleasant smells indoors!

If your windows are becoming stubborn or are inoperable, give Window Solutions a call! Our experts can replace your San Diego replacement windows quickly, so you can enjoy the fresh air this summer!

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