The Trim Factor Of Window Replacement

Apr 22, 2019

When you start getting into the details of window replacement in La Mesa, CA, you will find there are plenty to consider. First, you’ll probably choose a frame material. Then, a window style. You’ll talk about hardware, glass packs, and a lot of other intricacies. But don’t forget about the trim that will go around the window, inside and out. That detail is an important factor in what your final project looks like in the end.

window replacement in La Mesa, CA

Interior Window Trim Options

The frame that appears around the windows inside your house is its trim. Many homeowners like to have something that looks like the baseboards that run around the house or something that matches the doors or any crown molding you might have available in the home. When you have a coordinated look, everything looks streamlined and well put together. If you are starting over and get to choose on your own, white is often popular because it goes with any window color and frame option. The neutral color fits into with anything else in the house. Dark or bold colors are also popular since they make your window stand out and look like a picture frame.

Exterior Window Trim Options

Sometimes, you will take the trim from the old windows and just place it over the new windows. Other times, it might be necessary to replace the trim at the same time as window replacement and that’s when you can make changes with ease. You’ll want something that matches, or coordinates with the windows in just the right way. Many people like to match the frame color they have chosen to the trim so it blends together. It can also blend with the house or stand out as a contrast.

Choose Frame Colors Wisely

There are a variety of frame colors from which to choose today and the color you get will show from both inside and outside of your home. While you will want to get something that looks good with your house outside, it also has to look good inside. You will want to consider the frame color alongside the trim color and make sure they all go together with your home, inside and out. It can be quite a project, but the professionals at your window company will help with the details.

When you are ready to get into trim options and other details of window replacement in La Mesa, CA, the experts at Window Solutions are here to help with everything from start to finish. We’ve replaced windows all over the region and we know just what to suggest to help you get the right results. Give us call at (619) 258-0515 to get started on the project. We can answer your questions or set up a free consultation for you with no obligations involved. You can also stop by and tour our showroom to get ideas and start to figure out your preferences. We’re located at 11632 Riverside Dr Lakeside, CA 92040.

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