When is it Time for New Windows?

Jun 5, 2017

Installing new windows is not an inexpensive project, and luckily it isn’t an annual necessity. In fact, windows can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years or more. There are many factors at play that determine how long a window will hold up against the elements. This is why knowing when to replace them can be difficult. Should you hold off another year or two? Or is now the best time to replace them and start earning your energy savings? Here are nine signs it is time for new windows:

1. Signs of Wear
Your windows take a beating over the course of the years. With time this wear will start to show in the form of chips, cracks, scratches, and maybe rot. All of these signs betray the age of your windows and can lead to even more problems.

2. Broken Seals
Shut all the doors and windows in your home and turn on the exhaust fans. Then take an incense stick or a candle and run it slowly around the windows frames. If the smoke gets pulled toward the window, or the flame flickers, you likely have a failed seal. Your window no longer stops airflow. This means you are losing your cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. You cannot repair a broken seal, and you need a new window.

3. Poor Insulation
Along with broken seals, your frame material might also allow too much heat transfer. If you routinely black out your windows during summer to cut down on unwanted heat, then you have insufficient window insulation. Modern windows can let in natural light while also reducing solar heat gains. They are more energy efficient than ever and will keep you comfortable inside your home.

4. Won’t Latch
This is a big safety concern. Not only do windows protect you from the elements, but also deter intruders. If the locking mechanism is broken or doesn’t latch, you are putting your home, belongings, and loved ones at risk.

5. Difficult Operation
No one likes to fight with their windows for ventilation. If your window is hard to use, or you have to rig it to keep it open, then you need to consider getting a replacement. These may seem like small nuisances but can be a hazard to you and your family.

6. Hidden Dangers
Older windows can have lead weights or lead-based paint, which is toxic. Also, they might not employ shatter proof glass. If your windows are 30 years old, or more, you should really consider new windows.

7. Loud
Old, single pane windows do little to block outside noise. If you live on a busy street, or near an airport, it can get loud. Two pane windows, with inert gas sealed between the panes, do more than just block the outside heat. They also cut down on noise pollution, making your home in San Diego, CA a quieter and more peaceful place.

8. Hard to Clean and Maintain
Most modern window designs tilt and pivot to make it easier than ever to clean and maintain them. Older windows? Not so much. They take too much effort. And getting up on a ladder to constantly fix and maintain them is dangerous. If you are tired of exerting all this effort, new windows might just what you need.

9. Outdated
Sometimes it just comes down to style. You might be tired of looking at your old windows, and crave something new and modern. Your windows play a huge role in the look and feel of your home. An update will have a big impact.

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