The Two Things Keeping Your Home From Being Dreamy

Mar 5, 2018

Don’t we all want dreamy homes? Really, there is nothing more American than working your way toward the home you want—one you feel safe and peaceful in. Often times, homeowners are living in spaces which don’t bring them that sense of security and tranquility. And, what tends to happen when a home doesn’t feel dreamy is that homeowner overspend on décor and renovations that are entirely unnecessary.

Here at Windows Solutions, we have learned through experience that there are two key ways to bring your nearly-there home to the home you always wanted. But, first, we need to address the vibe in your space.

That unfinished vibe
An “unfinished vibe” means that something just feels off. For one reason or another, the home feels disjointed. Does this sound like your home situation? Whether it’s the architecture or the outdated-ness of the features in the home, there are simply no amount of wall hangings or new furniture that will help this, unfortunately. So, stop the home décor shopping, and let’s address the two things that will help change the vibe in your home!

1. The windows
Look around. How are your windows faring? Are they in good condition and do they look like they belong? Do you wish your windows were more luxurious, bigger, and numerous? Natural light has a huge impact on the overall positive feelings you and your family experience—did you know that? If your windows are small or few, your mood is actually negatively affected overall. Further, windows that look cheap or outdated will keep your space from feeling welcoming. If you live in the Encinitas, CA, area—let’s address your windows!

2. The colors
There was a time when bright or bold colors—different in every room—was a popular trend. But, that phase passed by rather quickly. This is likely because different bold colors in every room create a disjointed vibe in the home. Now, we are certainly not suggesting you can’t have fun with wall colors! You can! But, it is important to tie the spaces together in some way in order to tie each space together. Here are a few examples:
– If you have teal walls in your dining room, try painting an adjacent room a neutral cream with teal and jewel-toned colors as accents (in pillows, vases, etc.)!
– If you have a light gray on the walls in your kitchen, consider a charcoal gray accent wall in the living room—this keeps the eye moving as you pass from room to room and creates the sense of a larger space!
– Choose complementary colors that match your furniture. That’s right—you don’t need to buy new furniture, just choose wall colors that make sense! Hint: cream, off-white, and light grays go with almost any bold or neutral furniture hue!

Believe it or not, these two key changes can make all the difference in your home. If you need any further expert advice or are ready to upgrade your home windows Encinitas, give Window Solutions a call!

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