Why are Vinyl Windows the Energy Efficient Choice for Your Home?

Jul 31, 2017

During the warm San Diego months, homeowners rely heavily on their air conditioning to keep their home nice and comfortable. Unfortunately, that comfort typically comes with a cost, especially if your windows and doors are allowing most of your air conditioning to slip through the cracks. Vinyl windows are a great solution to rising temperatures and electric bills. This material was introduced in the early 1970’s and since then has earned a respectable reputation for their energy efficient qualities. Here we will be discussing a few factors that make vinyl windows the energy efficient choice for your home.

Vinyl Windows Won’t Hold onto Excess Moisture
If your home currently has a more traditional material in it, like wood, you could be losing a little more of your home’s efficiency capabilities year after year. That’s because materials like wood hold onto excess moisture from rainy seasons, and eventually, that moisture will cause the frames to warp and rot. Once that damage occurs, it won’t be long before drafts appear allowing the majority of your heating and air conditioning to escape. Vinyl windows, however, are made from a material that doesn’t hold on to any excess moisture, reducing the likelihood of drafts forming and the amount of energy used in your home.

Vinyl Windows Expand for a Snug Fit
Another way heating and air conditioning escapes your home is through the gaps found around the frames. These spaces can occur for a number of reasons like time, moisture, and weather, or improper installation. Fortunately, vinyl windows are made from a material that expands and contracts according to the exterior weather. This means the right amount of insulation is always provided, and you can rest assured your windows are fitting snugly into place.

Vinyl Windows Offer Double or Triple Pane Glass
Most homeowners don’t consider their windows glass as a contributing factor in energy efficiency, but the truth is the density of the glass makes a major impact on insulating capabilities. Homes with thin, single paned glass will have a poor job keeping their home warm during the winter, as the majority of that heating will pass right through the glass. During summer months, the windows will also do a poor job of keeping excess heat from entering your home. Fortunately, vinyl windows come with both double and triple paned glass, keeping your heating and air conditioning in and external weather out.

If you are hoping for a cooler and more affordable summer, new vinyl windows may be the right place to start. At Window Solutions, we offer a wide variety of energy efficient vinyl windows and are happy to discuss the additional benefits of having this material installed in your home. Our team has been pairing homeowners with their dream windows for decades and can easily help you find the right vinyl windows for your home and budget. To begin your energy efficient windows Encinitas, CA project, give us a call at give us a call at 619-258-0515 or visit us in person at 11632 Riverside Dr Lakeside, CA 92040.

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