The Warning Signs of Expiring Home Windows

Aug 27, 2018

Believe it or not, homes speak to their homeowners. When something is amiss, there are almost always warning signs directly connected to the problem. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what to “listen to” when there’s an issue.   

To make life a little easier, the experts at Window Solutions have created this short warning guide in hopes that more homeowners will know just when the time has come to have their San Diego, CA windows replaced.   

San Diego, CA replacement windows

#1: Opening and Closing has Become Difficult or Impossible  

Windows are not intended to be difficult for their owners to open and close. Windows are only meant to feel impossible to operate when they’re locked. But, if windows that once worked smoothly are now stubborn, sticky, or seemingly fused shut, they need to be replaced. An improperly operating window is a safety hazard—in the event of an emergency, windows need to be an exit option.   

#2: Visible Damage  

Deterioration, rot, or significant water stains aren’t usually fixable. A damaged window is only going to get worse, so it’s best to seek a professional installation company to set up a replacement date sooner rather than later. If the current windows are made of wood, remember that deterioration could mean there’s a termite issue… Don’t procrastinate. Have the windows inspected by a pro.   

#3: Outside Noise   

For those homeowners living near an airport, train station, sports arena, music venue, or grade school, the noise they produce can be maddening. For homes built in the 1970s or earlier, this noise issue is the worst, likely due to single pane glass windows—these were once the only glass option. But, regardless of the age of the home (as poor noise insulation can also be a result of low-quality windows), clamor which prevents homeowners from proper sleep and relaxation is unacceptable. High-quality windows with double or triple pane glass and either vinyl or wood frames will significantly cut down the sounds.   

#4: The Interior Flooring and Furniture are Fading   

UV rays are almost just as harmful to the interior decor in the home as they are to human skin. But, technology has developed greatly in the home improvement industry and windows, these days, will provide protection for your rugs, hardwood flooring, couches, and walls.   

#5: Unsightliness   

Unattractive windows are particularly damaging to a homeowner looking to sell the home in the near future. Curb appeal can make or break a deal. Don’t let the windows run off potential buyers; replace outdated and unsightly windows.   

#6: Drafts   

Drafts coming through and around a window frame is often a sign of warping or rotting. The longer this issue goes unaddressed, the higher and higher the energy costs will rise each month. Homeowners should call a professional at the first sign of draftiness in a room.   

For more warning signs that your windows may need replacing, call the Window Solutions team at (619) 285-0515 or (760) 741-0601. Our experienced team would love to schedule an in-home consultation to assess whether or not your home is in need of San Diego, CA replacement windows. We are located at 11632 Riverside Dr Lakeside, CA 92040. Visit us or give us a call if any of these warning signs ring true!  

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