Warning Signs The Replacement Window Provider Is Bad

Jul 5, 2021

It’s best to take your time when you are looking for a company to help you with replacement windows in Lakeside, CA. You should look at websites, look at outside reviews, ask about experience, talk to them by phone, and even have free consultations. If you rushed into working with a certain company, that’s okay as you can still watch for warning signs that they are no good. Here are a few such signs that will tell you it’s time to back away from that company and find another better option.

There Are No References

One thing you might ask for when you talk to the experts by phone or even in person is if they have any references. Any good company should have a list of references that you can call. They might even give you addresses for homes you can drive past to see how the job looks when completed. If they stall about giving you references or don’t seem to have any to share, that’s not a good thing and you should walk away from the project with them.

Insurance Information Isn’t Available

It sounds like a given that a window company should have insurance, but it’s not always the case with companies that are below par. You want to ask about insurance coverage and even see proof of that insurance. That way, you can move forward with peace of mind that you are covered if something happens on your property. If they aren’t willing to show you proof of insurance, you can’t be sure that they have it and you should find another company.

Upfront Payment Is Required

If you get to the point where you are ready to order windows, the window company will ask for a down payment. That’s the normal route. They shouldn’t ask for all of the money right away. Generally, you will pay for half of the project now, and the other half upon completion. If the window company asks for all of the money upfront, that’s not the norm and you should be leery of doing business with them. Instead, go to a company that lets you make payments so you can ensure the job gets done right.

replacement windows in Lakeside, CAThe Sales People Are Pushy

Visiting with the professionals in person can give you a feel for how they do business. If they are pressuring you into windows that are more expensive than you can afford or you feel like they are trying to push you into upgrades that you don’t want, that’s doesn’t bode well for their company as a whole. You want suggestions and advice, but no pressure. If you feel pushed into things, it’s best to go to a company that won’t act that way.

Getting replacement windows in Lakeside, CA is a serious investment and you will want to have the right company for the job to help you with the process. The professionals at Window Solutions are here to prove that we have quality windows and high-level professionals here to help you out.

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