Window Options for the Modern California Home

Jul 16, 2018

There’s an appropriate set of window styles and options for every home. These days, modern style homes—with their elegant and clean lines—are very popular. They are also quite unique. That said, not all styles support this aesthetic, so homeowners need to be selective when upgrading their San Diego, CA windows  

In fact, the style of the window chosen needs to blend into the modern details of the interior and exterior. But, how do homeowners achieve the best look? Considerations boil down to the following:  

  • Grids  
  • Casing 
  • Window type  
  • Color  
  • Frame  


Grids on replacement windows for a modern home are not suggested. They simply do not match the modernity aesthetics. Further, for those with outstanding views, the grids interrupt sight lines. But, for homeowners who love the look of grid detail, a “valence grid” is a great option.   


San Diego, CA windows

The casing often goes unthought of by homeowners during an upgrade. But, it’s just as important as the frame. Choose minimal, clean lines in colors that match the colors of the rest of the frames so the glass can take center stage.   

Window Type   

Typically, window styles with minimal ornamentation and crisp lines are perfect for modern style homes. The main focus of the window needs to be natural light and a welcoming of the outdoors as part of the interior views. Large windows, whenever possible, are key. Window types that are best for the modern home are:  

  • Sliding horizontal windows. Narrow frames and slim profiles for uninterrupted views.  
  • Multi slide patio doors. Perfect for marrying the indoor space with outdoor living spaces.  
  • Bifold doors. These, too, beautifully integrate outdoor living spaces with the indoors through maximum glass coverage.  


Most homeowners opt for dark gray or black hues to complement the modern look in their homes. These dark colors give the windows an industrial look. But, for those who don’t prefer the industrial look, experts advise color which blends seamlessly into the rest of the home to keep the trend of uninterrupted visual lines going. In other words, homeowners should choose to match the frame color to the wall color.   


In general, homeowners want to stay away from wood frames—they look out of place with modern structure and decor. The recommended window frames to support the modern home are as follows:  

  • Aluminum. This material is highly recommended for its industrial look.  
  • Vinyl. Vinyl can be customized to look as industrial or seamless as needed for the interior. Additionally, the look can be different for the exterior, if needed.  
  • Fiberglass. This is another acceptable option for the modern home. Plus, it withstands beachside environments well and is impervious to rot and corrosion.  

The team here at Window Solutions hopes you’ve found this information helpful for your next San Diego, CA window replacement project. Our professionals would love to work with you to modernize your home with our quality window options. Come and visit us at 11632 Riverside Dr Lakeside, CA 92040 or give us a call at either number to set up an in-home consultation: (619) 285-0515 or (760) 741-0601. We can’t wait to meet you! 

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