Window Types—Know Your Options

Aug 13, 2018

Preparing to choose replacement windows for the home or selecting windows to be used in your new construction can be difficult. Knowing what will look best and function well for everyone in the family isn’t a simple decision, by any means. The best replacements vary greatly and depend on the home’s style and the placement of the window.   

To know how to choose your Encinitas, CA windows, it’s important to educate yourself. And, the experts here at Window Solutions have broken down a list of standard window details in terms material and style to help you with this.   

Encinitas, CA windows

Wood Frames   

This classic material offers the most customizable options but comes with a more significant price tag. Further, wood is higher maintenance than other materials. Wood windows work in traditional, Victorian, craftsman, antique, Cape Cod, and other various home styles.   

Fiberglass Frames   

Fiberglass is known for being very low maintenance. It’s also quite energy efficient which is important to most homeowners here in California. This option is particularly good for contemporary and modern style homes.   

Vinyl Frames   

Vinyl, too, is known for being low maintenance and highly energy efficient. Though vinyl frames have some color limitations, they’ve come a long way and now come in wood grain and stain selections, as well as standard colors. This option is the most affordable in most cases, so vinyl tends to be most popular among homeowners working within a budget. Vinyl windows work for many style homes: traditional, modern, bungalow, Cape Cod, cottage, etc.   

Various Styles   

Virtually any window style can be manufactured from the above window materials. Here’s a breakdown of the various styles and the homes they best match:  

  • Single hung. This is a window made of two panes, one fixed at the top allowing the window to be opened from the movable bottom pane. This style is popular in traditional, antique, cottage, Victorian, craftsman, and mid-century modern style homes.  
  • Double hung. Like the single hung style, except the window can be lowered from the top as well as raised from the bottom. This style is also popular in traditional, antique, cottage, Victorian, craftsman, and mid-century modern style homes. 
  • Sliding. These work just like sliding doors; they open horizontally on a track. This is the perfect choice for rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens for added ventilation. This style is popular in traditional, contemporary, and modern style homes. 
  • Casement. These are also referred to as “crank windows” in some areas. Casement windows push out and open from side hinges on the left or the right. They aren’t ideal near a walkway or patio due to the added space they require. This style is popular in traditional, mid-century modern, contemporary, modern, and ranch style homes.  
  • Awning. Just like casement windows, but hinged on the top. These pair well with stationary windows and can be left open during a rainfall without allowing in the rainwater.  
  • Bay/Bow. Both of these styles create an angled and protruding addition to a home and are best placed where the most scenic outdoor view is located. Bay windows create a perfect reading nook and ledge for seating. Bow windows create a lovely panoramic view of the yard.   
  • Picture. Just as they sound, these provide a picturesque view without an operable sash.  
  • Customized. If none of these styles suit what you’re looking for, you can always customize the right shape and size for your space.  

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