2 Ways To Create A Breathtaking Transition Using Your Patio Door!

Apr 9, 2018

Do you ever just look at the divide between your indoor space and the yard outside and wish there was a smaller division between the two? What I mean is, do you ever long for a more connected feeling between your kitchen and backyard (or living room, or whatever room is connected to your patio/back door)? Most homeowners do—especially those who live here in sunny Alpine, CA.

The decisions you make regarding your patio transition space (where your patio door is or will soon be) will determine how connected you are to your outdoor area and how seamless the flow feels. Window Solutions offers various patio door options and windows, all of which are designed to enrich your home life.

Check out some of our team’s tips for improving the transition between your home’s interior and exterior spaces!

  1. Maximize the glass surface area!
    For starters, your patio door should have large glass panes to allow you a clear, unobstructed view of the outdoors. The goal is to unify your interior and exterior. You can achieve this in a few different ways with your patio door:
  • Choose a contemporary style sliding patio door with a slim frame.
  • Consider looking into multi-slide and bi-fold doors for added natural light and the most indoor-outdoor connection!
  • Have windows added or upgraded surrounding your patio door. Sidelites, transom lights, floor-to-ceiling windows, awning windows… Anything you can do to dial-up the glass surface will be lovely!
  1. Make it match!
    The two spaces (indoor space connected to your outdoor space) should not feel completely different. If they are, there’s a disunity that makes for a less-than-smooth transition. Be sure to choose a patio door which offers a wide range of color and stain options, so you can best match it to your space. Or, if you’re looking to make significant changes, choose the door frame style and color you want most and build from there. Paint on the walls should be complementary. Your outdoor siding should go with the outside color of the frame. This sounds like a lot, but really, all you need to do to tie your spaces together is connect them with complementary colors; much more pleasing to the eye.

Here at Window Solutions, we know exactly how to help you open your space up to the beautiful views outdoors with our quality windows and doors. Some noteworthy manufacturers we’ve partnered with include:Milgard

  • MI
  • Simonton
  • Jeldwen
  • Simpson
  • Amsco
  • Various others

We know how important quality is—and that’s exactly what we offer. Further, our windows and doors are crafted and installed with the utmost attention to detail and care for your home windows Alpine. We agree: the more connected you are to the outdoors, the happier you’ll be! Give our certified and experienced staff here at Window Solutions a call!


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