5 Signs it is Time to Replace Your Windows

Nov 14, 2016

Many San Diego homeowners are spending plenty of time and money remodeling their home, but one area that often goes overlooked is windows. Whether you don’t know if you need new windows or are holding on to outdated models because you’re attached to their design, it’s worth the time to look into replacement windows in San Diego, CA. Replacement windows can save you money, bring extra light into your home, help reduce outside noise, and help protect the safety of your family. To help you determine if it is time to have your windows replaced, we have put together a short list of signs to help you decide if you need to go window shopping.

Your Electrical Bill is Way Too High: You don’t leave lights on in rooms you aren’t in. You’ve switched to energy efficient bulbs. You even started unplugging appliances when you don’t use them, but your electric bill is still too high. The answer can likely be found in your windows. Old windows, particularly with frames made from wood, have a tendency to warp and damage over time, which leads to drafts. Once a draft starts, any heating or cooling you use goes right out the window, along with your money. It may be time to switch to a more energy efficient window material like Vinyl.

You Hear Everything that is Happening Outside: While it might be nice to occasionally hear the birds chirping, it’s not so great to receive a wake up call from your neighbor’s dog every morning. Chances are your windows have thin glass that’s allowing noise to enter your home. Consider switching to a window that offers double or triple pane glass to help keep the noise outside where it belongs.

Your Window Parts Are Becoming Harder to Find: If it becomes a full on hunt every time you need to find a replacement part, then it’s the window that needs to be replaced, not the part. When the parts for your windows become increasingly hard to find, it’s likely your window is now longer in circulation. Discontinued windows mean they are outdated and it’s time to look into a newer model.

Your Windows Are Broken: This is a hard sign to miss. If your windows are just flat out broken, stop staring at unsightly cracks and get them replaced.

Your Windows No Longer Match the House: Finally, if you have remodeled the whole house and your windows now stick out like sore thumb, it may be a good time to find a window that matches your upgraded style.

Are you finally ready to replace those old windows? Window Solutions Inc. suggests talking it over with one of our qualified window experts. Our trained staff is ready to answer any questions you may have and can even provide you with a free estimate. To claim your estimate today, call us at 619-258-0515 or visit our San Diego showroom at 11632 Riverside Dr Lakeside, CA 92040. We look forward to assisting you with all of your window needs.

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