8 Types of Windows

Sep 19, 2016

Every home holds a variety of different windows and they all serve a purpose. Windows allow natural light to flow into your room during the day and they can let fresh air in as well. Windows not only allow homeowners to see out, but they also define the overall style of the house and can vary between traditional and modern. Windows are often customized using coverings, but the window itself can satisfy tastes and needs. Here are a few different types of San Diego, CA replacement windows to consider based on style and preference.

-Double Hung

These windows have two sashes that slide up and down vertically inside a frame. They can open wide in either direction, but they always stay inside the frame and do not poke out into the room or out on the other side of the house. Single hung windows are similar, but only the bottom part of the window slides up and down while the top stays where it is at all times. Double hung windows let in a lot of light and they never take up space in the room, even when they are open.

-Casement Windows

This option involves hinged windows that operate when you turn a crank and swing the window open. These windows generally open outward and the hinges can be on either side to accommodate the room.

-Awning Windows

These windows have hinges at the top and open out in order to let fresh air in. They are often installed below or beside stationary windows and they are sometimes placed next to another type of window. They allow good airflow through the room when they are open.

-Picture Windows

This popular type of window allows the most amount of light into the room. They also give homeowners an uninterrupted view of whatever lies outside their home. These windows are stationary and do not open at all.

-Transom Windows

These versatile windows are generally narrow and come in stationary and opening varieties. Sometimes they are mounted above a door in order to let more light in. Other times they are beside other windows to create a stylish look.

-Slider Windows

Sliding windows glide back and forth on a track. At least one side operates while the other side may remain stationary. These windows can open in a horizontal manner and they are most often places in homes with a modern or contemporary style.

-Bow or Bay Windows

Bay windows give you more space in the room since they protrude from the house. They offer a combination of windows with some being stationary and others that open.

Light is important in many rooms of any house in California. In order to get the right lighting and the desired amount of airflow, homeowners have to choose the right windows for each location. These options give you a good start on making window related decisions for your home. To check out all these options and more, visit the Window Solutions showroom at 11632 Riverside Dr Lakeside, CA 92040 or give us a call at 619-258-0515.

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