How to Arrange Furniture around the Windows in Your Home

Nov 7, 2016

High-quality San Diego, CA windows can make a big difference to improve the appearance of your home. But, without the right furniture arrangement, the windows might look awkward or unusual. Whether you are replacing the windows in the room or you are buying new furniture, it is essential to consider how these features will work together.

Here are a few tips for furniture arrangement so that you can maximize the visibility and function of your windows:

Pick a Focal Point in the Room

Where do you want the focus to be when someone walks into a room? If you have picture windows overlooking beautiful scenery, then the windows should be the focal point. It can be distracting to have furniture that pulls the focal point to a different area in the room.

If the windows aren’t the focal point, then look for another piece that can be the center focus. Many homeowners choose things such as a piece of art, fireplace, or the television. Once you know the focal point, you can make plans with a specific purpose in mind.

Maintain Balance in the Living Space

When the furniture is placed off-center, it can create an uncomfortable situation since there isn’t balance in the room. Look for a way that you can create symmetry in the placement of the windows and furniture. This symmetry makes the room feel more comfortable, helping everyone to relax when they are visiting.

Plan First before Taking Action

It takes a lot of work to move furniture around or install new windows. Instead of making the changes without much thought, it is essential that you put together a plan in advance. The right plan can help you match the size of the furniture to the shape of the room. Additionally, you can avoid the headache of moving furniture around multiple times.

The easiest solution is to measure twice and then move once. Measure the room, window placement, and furniture size. Then, draw out your plan on paper to make sure that everything will fit the way that you imagine it to be. Measuring and double-checking your measurement will help you to avoid the experience of buyer’s remorse.

Choose the Right Window Coverings

Once the furniture is in place, the room might not look like it is complete. Window coverings help to add the finishing touches to the room, setting the tone that you want to create. Consider the types of windows that you have and how the coverings will impact the style of the space. If you need help, then it can be beneficial to talk with an interior designer who can offer professional advice.

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