Combatting The Flu With Replacement Windows

Mar 7, 2022

It’s that time of year again. The time when one person catches the sniffles in your house and then, the cold and flu bug will run rampant through all of you. While you can’t prevent every germ from catching on, there are certain things you can do to combat illnesses of many kinds. You may not think that getting replacement windows in Lakeside, CA can help you to keep your family healthy. Here are a few things that do help once those windows are installed.

Fresh Air Cleans Germs Out

In this area of the country, winter isn’t all that cold and nasty like it is in other areas. While it might not be all that comfortable, you can certainly open the windows from time to time and get some fresh air into the house. When you open the windows, new air comes in and you can freshen things up. It cleans the germs out and gives you air that is better to breathe. Instead of circulating old air with who knows what in it, give your home new air to flow around. You are able to improve air quality with ease. New windows are easy to open and close and there’s no fight with frames that stick.

Change Filters In Furnace

When you get clean air running through the house through the fresh air you allowed in with the new windows, you will also want to circulate that clean air through the house. Make sure you change furnace filters so you are able to take that clean air, warm it, and push it through the house. If the filters are dirty, the air that comes out warm won’t be as clean and that will defeat the purpose of other things. Your HVAC won’t work as hard to push air out to you when the filters are clean, too.

Enjoy Natural Lighting For More Health

Have you ever felt the sun on your face during a winter day and just enjoyed the warmth? Sunlight is good for you and when you have that natural light streaming into your house, it can help you to feel better and actually have more health in your life as a whole. New windows let in more light because they have smaller frames and larger glass space. But they can let in even more if you put in larger windows, more units, and other such things.

replacement windows in Lakeside, CAClean Ducts Regularly

When you let clean air into the house through the windows, you don’t want that air to get sucked into the ducts and dirtied because of the dirty ducts. You will want to have your air ducts cleaned out every few years to ensure the air you are breathing over the winter months is as clean as possible and free from flu germs.

When you get replacement windows in Lakeside, CA, your home gets lots of benefits, and your family might get the flu less, too! Contact the professionals at Window Solutions for a free consultation.

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