Compromising Over Replacement Windows

Feb 8, 2021

As you start to figure out that it’s your windows that are causing the drafts and discomfort in your home, you realize that replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA will make that go away. As you and your spouse start to look into the options, you might recognize that you have very different ideas as to what would be best for the home. It can be hard to come to a compromise on something you have to live within your home for a long time. But since you both live there and you are paying for the windows together, you will have to agree on the end results. Here are a few things that can help you through the process.

Get Professional Advice

You might want low-E coatings on the glass while your spouse wants triple pane glass. How can you decide what’s best? Don’t tell the window professionals about your disagreement and, rather, just ask what they feel is best for your home. They aren’t taking sides when they don’t know there are sides. They are giving an impartial opinion based on their expertise. They might tell you that low-E glass is best if you get a lot of sun into the house and they might tell you that triple pane glass is best if you get a lot of noise in that you want to reduce. That professional opinion can help you (or your spouse) come around to the other side.

Instill Logic

While you might want a double hung windows because you like the look of them, your spouse might be able to talk you into casement windows using logic. Logically, they are more energy efficiency since they don’t have as many moving parts. Plus, when they are closed and it’s windy, they blow tighter against the house. And, they let in more light and allow you to see the view better. You can use logic for your own arguments as well and possibly bring your spouse around.

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Get Other Opinions

You think white is the best color because it’s a classic, timeless color that goes with anything. Your spouse wants the new windows to stand out and would rather go with black. Again, don’t tell others what your opinions are, but rather strike up a compromise by enlisting help from other opinions. Together, choose the people who will vote on the color and agree to whatever the outcome might be. As long as no one knows who likes which color, you can get an impartial decision and reach a compromise that way.

There are lots of ways to figure out how to get replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA, and all of their details lined up with your spouse, even if you don’t always see eye to eye. The professionals at Window Solutions are here to offer you advice and recommendations whenever you need them. Call us for a free consultation and we can walk you through the rest of the decisions from there. Take your time to make each choice as you move ahead.

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