Considerations for Your New Replacement Windows

Oct 10, 2016

It is an exciting experience to choose the details for your replacement windows! When you are picking the design style, colors, and materials, make sure that you are working with a trusted installation team.

Here at Window Solutions, we want to help you choose the right details for your home or office. Here is some information that you should consider before choosing your new windows:

Double Pane Windows for Energy Efficiency

In most basic climates, double pane windows are sufficient to maintain the energy efficiency of a home. But, there are certain situations where it might be beneficial to choose triple paned windows instead. Adding an extra layer will increase the cost, but they do a better job of keeping your home insulated and save you money in the long run.

Glass Coating for Energy Efficiency

Another way that you can improve the energy efficiency of your home is by choosing glass coating. Low-Emissivity (Low-E) features place a metallic coating on the surface of the glass, which helps to reflect heat. This heat reflection is helpful to make it easier to manage the temperature inside.

Window Security

Most windows offer security features to keep your family protected. If you are worried about security in your area, then there are certain types of glass that are beneficial to reduce the chances of break-ins. For example, laminated glass is a little more expensive, but it deters intruders. You will also notice that laminated glass is beneficial to block outside noises and improve the energy efficiency within your home.

Window Frame Materials

In addition to the type of glass, you also need to consider the materials used for the window frames. As an example, many of our clients like to use vinyl windows because the frames help with energy efficiency. This window design is affordable, making it an effective solution for replacement windows in your home or office.

Your Custom Designed Windows

When you have made the decision to upgrade the windows in your home, the first step is to find a window contractor that you would like to hire. Look in your local area to find a contractor nearby. Also, take the time to look online so that you can read some reviews about the company. You can gain some interesting insights to see reviews that were shared by past customers.

Here at Window Solutions, customer service is our highest priority. We work with each customer to identify their goals and preferences. Then, we will put together the right types of windows to match these goals. We invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation so that we can discuss the options that are available.

We will inspect your home and make recommendations about the types of glass and designs that will be good for your needs. The possibilities are endless when you are working with a contractor that offers custom design solutions.

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