Did They Do A Shoddy Job On Window Installation?

Apr 11, 2022

When you have to have replacement windows in Lakeside, CA for your home, the professionals at the stores will recommend that you get the professional installation done. They can’t (and won’t), force you into anything, but they will highly stress that the only way you can guarantee your results is by getting the professional installation done to support the quality windows you bought. That kind of installation costs extra, of course, and for whatever reason, if you have a friend, a regular contractor, or someone else installs the windows for you, it’s wise for you to take note of some of the things that can show you that the installation job wasn’t done right. Here are a few signs to watch for.

Visible Gaps

Your windows should fit flush around your house and there shouldn’t be any openings, especially none that you can see. If you see gaps, that’s not a good thing at all. That means the air around your house can still flow freely and you will likely have drafts and air leaks, just as you did before. Visible gaps are a sign that the installer did a very poor job.

Drafts And Air Leaks

You might have had trouble with air leaks and drafts in the past and if that’s the case, you know what to look for when you have new windows installed. If you feel those drafts wafting through the home, and perhaps you feel air moving when you put your hand up to the window, that’s another problem you have to contend with. These drafts are going to cause your home to lack efficiency, which could be the reason you got the windows replaced in the first place.

Lack Of Results

You expect certain things from your new windows in terms of results. They should seal your home up well and give you much better energy efficiency than you had before. If you aren’t seeing a difference in your energy bills, that’s a sign that you aren’t getting the results you need in the new windows. If the windows are high in quality, it must be a shoddy installation.

Rattling Glass

The windows should be tight inside the frames without any give. If they rattle and move around when the wind blows or when there’s noise outside, they weren’t installed properly to hold steady. The glass should be firm in the window, not moving around. If you have rattling glass, you should address the installation process.

replacement windows in Lakeside, CAHard Opening and Closing

Another reason why you might have gotten new windows is that your old ones were a safety hazard since they wouldn’t open and close any longer. If the new windows, which should open like a breeze, aren’t opening easily, that’s an installation problem. They might be in their crooked or they might have been damaged upon installation.

The installation you have done is just as important as the replacement windows in Lakeside, CA you get. Complete the job just right with professional installation and actually enjoy the results.

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