Do You Need Replacement Windows? Speak Up!

Nov 4, 2019

There’s often one person in the house that notices things more than others. Perhaps a certain person gets aggravated when dust starts to build up on the counter or when there are crumbs on the floor and another person notices if the water heater is making a strange noise or if the HVAC isn’t blowing as much as it used to. If you are the one who has noticed the old windows on your house, you need to speak up and talk about replacement windows in La Jolla, CA to your family. Here are a few things to point out as you bring the subject up.

replacement windows in La Jolla, CA

The Money Pit

Your home may feel more like a money pit lately and it could be, in large part, because of the windows. When windows aren’t efficient, they cost a lot, even if you don’t realize it. They leak air both in and out so the air you are trying to control temperature-wise, just heads right outside, never to be used in your home. You’re spending a lot of money on energy you don’t even use. You also likely have maintenance items you have to buy to keep up with the windows and there might even be repairs, at times. That stuff adds up and you could save all that money if you had replacement windows.

The Sagging Appeal

Old windows that are rotting, sagging, warped, or peeling just don’t look nice on any home, no matter what else the home has going for it. Point that out to your family and describe what the house would look like with new windows. They would be fresh and new, and they would bring the curb appeal of the home up a great deal. They would also show inside and give that fresh look to the interior as well. Plus, if you get vinyl, they wouldn’t need maintenance down the road to keep that fresh look alive.

The Avoidance Of More Issues

There might be some issues you avoid in your house because they will only bring up more trouble. But if you avoid getting replacement windows, you know they will bring more issues along with them. IF the windows are leaking air, they’ll leak water, too and that can cause mold. Window problems don’t go away and the longer you avoid them, the worse they can get. Once your family understands that, they will start to notice what you’ve already seen.

If you’re the one in your home who notices that you need replacement windows in La Jolla, CA, don’t keep quiet about it. You can let a little dust on the counters go, for now, but you shouldn’t stay silent about the home’s need for new windows. Contact the professionals at Window Solutions by calling (619) 258-0515 and we can give you advice as to what windows might work best for your home. You can also visit our showroom for more information at 11632 Riverside Dr. Lakeside, CA 92040 and our website has great details too at

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