Double Or Single Hung Replacement Windows?

Jan 20, 2020

There are many different styles of replacement windows in La Jolla, CA on the market, but some of the most popular are double and single hung windows. When you’re in the market for new windows, these options are both something to consider. But if you’re stuck between the two and you don’t know what direction to take, this information could help.

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When you look at double and single hung windows, they appear to be the same style. They both have upper and lower sashes and they open and close by sliding vertically. The biggest difference in them is that single windows only have one sash that opens—the bottom one. And double hung windows have two sashes that can both move up and down. Since single hung windows have fewer moving parts, they are more weather resistant and efficient, but double hung windows are easier to clean because their sashes can both be tilted into the house so you can lean the outside from inside your home.

Single hung windows are older styles and they are often seen in historic homes or homes that are trying to keep a traditional look. They are cost-effective since they are less expensive and generally more airtight. They don’t loosen over time, either, and they are easier to weather seal with caulking than the double hung option.

But double hung windows are one of the most popular choices on the market today, often because they are easier to clean from inside. The tilting allows you to clean the windows inside the house without ladders or trouble. You can also open both the upper and lower sash to boost airflow and customize what type of ventilation you get. You might only want the top half open at times and that helps with safety as well.

Speaking of safety, double hung windows are the safety choice if you have children or pets because you have a top sash you can open for fresh air, but you can leave the bottom part closed so there aren’t openings for anyone curious to investigate. They are more expensive than single models, but they are often worth it for safety reasons.

Your personal preferences, goals, and your budget will help you decide between these two models. Some homes even mix the two, putting double hung windows on the top floor for safety and single hung on the bottom level where they can easily clean the windows from outside. Consider all of the features and options before you make a final decision.

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