Jan 16, 2017

If you are currently looking to upgrade the windows in your home, or are in the process of choosing a contractor for new construction, or have begun working on a small project (like a barn or detached garage addition)—let us be your experts.

At Window Solutions, we strive to make your home renovations and small (or big!) projects as seamless as possible. The below overview of our products and company should get your wheels turning, as well as give you a starting point for decision making.

Category: Benefits
Most want to know the benefits of working with a specific company, as they should!
                – All estimates are free.
– We do not subcontract out labor.
– We are one of the few companies which offer several top-quality window brands.
– Our Milgard and Simonton windows are both top-sellers and include impressive warranties.
– New windows are four times the energy efficiency of single-pane glass.
– New windows block 95% of the sunrays which can affect your family (and fade your furniture)!
– We offer many financing options to fit your needs.
-All operable windows include screens.

Category: Type/Style
We offer any window style you can imagine or have seen on HGTV. Again, we will guide you through choosing by marrying up your needs with your desired outcome. For example, are you looking for extra light? Extra privacy? Do you want to transform your home into an art-deco or antique look? Do you live in a historic home and need replacement windows that honor the era? Whatever the project—we have windows to match. Here is a short list of what we offer:
– Single and Double Hung (two sashes with one or two vertically-moving panes).
– Casement (operates on a manual crank to “swing” window open, outward).
– Awning (hinge at the top, open outward).
– Bay (protrude from home for more space—usually stationary and often seen in kitchens).
– Picture (stationary and do not open—meant solely for light and “awe”).
– Transom (generally narrow and can be stationary or open—usually above/next to a door).
–  Slider (very common and modern—slide horizontally.

Category: Materials
We offer wood, vinyl, and aluminum windows. All have varying benefits as well as differing aesthetic appeal. We will marry your greatest needs and style preferences to determine which of these materials best suits you.

Category: What to Expect with Window Solutions
In order, this is the process you can expect of us:
– Receive a free quote.
– Sign a contract once you are entirely decided and comfortable with the details and timeline.
– Final measurements before ordering products.
– Order materials and schedule installation.
– Reminder call the day before installation.
– Installation day!
– Receipt and product warranty card with information on care and maintenance.
– A commitment of availability to you for future questions or concerns!

At Window Solutions,we are friendly, professional, and driven to bring your home to life with our windows! We look forward to working with you on your next San Diego windows project!

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