Finishing Replacement Windows With Coverings

Jun 15, 2020

replacement windows in La Jolla, CAOne of the things the installers will ask that you do before they come with your replacement windows in La Jolla, CA, and put them in is taken down the old window coverings. Once that is complete, you will see your old windows for what they really are. And you will start dreaming about the new windows. After the installation is done, your fresh, new windows are beautiful and fully ready for your home. But you have no privacy, all of a sudden. You will want to finish off the project with window coverings. Perhaps some of your old coverings work well and that’s great. You can put them up over the new windows. If not, you might want to consider some new treatments for the new windows. Here are a few things to think through as you finish the replacement window project with window coverings.

Getting Window Shutters Raises Value

If you don’t like what you already have, you might consider investing in new window treatments and the most valuable option is window shutters. The window shutters can really finish off the look of the new windows while raising the value of your home even further. They are permanent fixtures so once they are installed, you don’t have to replace the window coverings ever again. They’re highly popular right now and they aren’t going off-trend any time soon. You can easily filter the light through your new windows and into the house with this option.

Curtains Always Work Well

Curtains are another classic and you can pair them with almost any other window covering. Even if you get shutters, or have old blinds, you can also put curtains over them. Curtains help you to block even more light, when needed, and when they are open, they act as a nice pop of color and some texture in the room that adds to the look of the windows.

Remember Functionality

You got new windows to fit certain goals and functions and you won’t want to cover those up with the wrong window treatments. If you want more natural light in your space, it’s not wise to put heavy drapes over the windows if they can’t be pulled back completely out of the way to let the light in. Remember what you wanted from your windows and make sure whatever window treatments you have, or will buy, match those goals.

There are lots of things you can do to complete replacement windows in La Jolla, CA with window treatments. If you have stylish treatments already, be careful in taking them down and you should be able to re-install them once the new windows go in. But once they are down, it’s also a good opportunity to think about what you want in terms of something new and different. Talk to the professionals in the window stores about what options are best for the windows you have installed. The experts at Window Solutions are happy to help you with your replacement windows, including ideas for window treatment options.

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