Jan 2, 2017

Flipping houses is not just a DIY or HGTV Channel endeavor; real people all over the place are making a living this way. Fortunately, Window Solutions in El Cajon, CA, has experience assisting in time-sensitive projects such as this.

Are you like me, in that you watch HGTV shows, religiously,and shout at the house-flippers who stupidly contract inept contractors? You know the ones who deliver and attempt to install the wrong products? And then, after wasting days of time (due to their mistake), they take their sweet time completing a simple window replacement?

Admit it—if you are an avid HGTV viewer, you shout once in a while.

Unfortunately, it is all too easy to choose a contractor without experience in flipping houses and window replacements. Flipping houses is a specific trade and it is very important your contractor understand what it is to work within a time crunch, in and around other product installers during a major overhaul project.

If you are in the business of house flipping (or, if you need a remodel completed quickly, without lacking in quality), review the below 4 tips for choosing the best contractor for the job.

  1. Ensure skill—ask for referrals!
    Professional window installers should have the clout to prove their skills. Ask, specifically, about house flipping projects the company has completed. Ask, also, for individual and company references of these completed projects. Follow up! If you obtain references—great—but use them. Call and ask about the time, quality, and success of the house flipping project and if they plan to use the same company for future projects.
  2. Ensure selectivity—integrity check!
    There may have been a project your contractor turned down due to capability or time constraints. This is not a bad thing. Wouldn’t you want transparency from a company rather than “yes-men” who fail? Perhaps one house flip is a great fit for this company; perhaps not. A contractor who displays selectivity is also likely to be a contractor of integrity. You want quality and integrity so as not to find yourself in a “money pit” (term learned from HGTV renovation shows).
  3. Choose family-owned—motivation!
    Ask yourself: if you owned a family business, would it not motivate you to work hard, with high integrity, and for the sake of your family name? Exactly. Established family-owned businesses have that “extra something” which motivates the type of service you deserve.
  4. Repeat business—quid pro quo!
    When choosing the right window contractor for your home improvement endeavor, take the time to meet and extend additional business in the future (if the job is done well). This, too, is added motivation. How wonderful would it be for your business if the same contracting company handled all your window replacements? And just think: repeated business is always a goal for any contractor.

At Window Solutions we have the experience and integrity you will need to complete a house flip project timely. Our San Diego window replacements will make your home project look brand new. We want to earn your business and would be happy to share references for past and ongoing jobs. Give us a call to discuss your next project today!

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