Milgard Tuscany Vinyl Window vs. Milgard Styleline Vinyl Window: Which One to Get

Apr 27, 2017

There are many different types of windows that can be purchased for your home. One type is Milgard vinyl windows which are currently popular in San Diego, CA. Milgard Tuscany Vinyl Window and Milgard Styleline Vinyl Window are two Milgard vinyl window models which offer a lot of features to make them stand out against other brands, but which one should you get? This article will give you information about these two Milgard styles so that you can decide for yourself.

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What are vinyl windows?

Vinyl Windows are PVC (polyvinyl chloride) windows composed of a plastic substance. Vinyl windows were created in the 1970s to compete with more expensive wood windows. Because the insulation in the window frame is energy efficient, a high-quality vinyl window will also save you money on energy expenses.

Why choose the Milgard brand?

Milgard is one of the most well-known and well-respected companies in residential windows and patio doors, with over a dozen full-service locations and customer service centers covering the Western United States and Canada. They have proved their devotion to innovation, quality, and service for the past 50 years. Milgard believes that by putting ourselves in close proximity to our consumers, we can give them superior service.

Tuscany vs Styleline


The Milgard Tuscany Vinyl Window and Milgard Styleline Vinyl windows are both made of vinyl, which makes them durable and lasting. They also provide better energy efficiency than wood or fiberglass windows since they do not break down over time as easily.

Milgard’s mil-tech™ frame is the polymer injection process used to manufacture their frames for strength without adding unnecessary bulkiness like other manufacturers’ products might have due to thicker profiles. This reduces insertion gaps between window sashes by up to 40% when compared with competitor brands, resulting in improved thermal insulation (better soundproofing), reduced air infiltration, less dust accumulation inside your home, and fewer problems with condensation on glass surfaces.


The Tuscany and Styleline offer the most popular window styles, providing you a wide choice of window style alternatives to choose from. Tilt-sash is an option for double-hung windows with the Tuscany, which is a fantastic alternative to explore as this option grows in popularity. Milgard’s Styleline windows come in single-hung, horizontal slider, casement, awning, picture, and radius styles, among others.

Energy efficiency

The Milgard Tuscany window does not have an argon-fill option, despite the fact that they are both composed of the same material. This is because Tuscany windows are manufactured in Colorado, and shipping them poses issues with sealed glass systems. As a result, the Milgard Tuscany fails to meet certain requirements for Energy Star South-Central certification.

The Milgard Styleline window, on the other hand, is designed for both Energy Star South-Central and Northern certification. It does not require an argon gas fill to prevent heat transfer, which makes it a more affordable energy-efficient option than Tuscany windows.


Both the Styleline and Tuscany vinyl windows come with a full lifetime guarantee, with the latter including covering for glass damage. The warranty covers both parts and labor and is valid for as long as the homeowner owns the house. Window Solutions‘ unique collaboration with Milgard provides this full lifetime warranty to protect the long-term value of your investment by saving you money, effort and reducing future difficulties caused by improper installation.


Milgard’s Styleline window is the company’s most cost-effective product line. The Milgard Tuscany is the next step up in price, yet it is still a very reasonable window with excellent value. However, don’t be fooled by the low prices of these windows; they’re both regarded as high-quality products.

Milgard styleline vs tuscany

Highlights of Styleline Milgard windows

Do you prefer a contemporary design style for your windows? This design offers a minimalist way to maximize your views and optimize the sunlight in your home. But, just because you want expansive windows, doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice energy efficiency. The Milgard Styleline Series of windows can create an expansive feel in your home because of the slim profile of the window frames. These windows are designed to offer clean lines, durability, and optimal functionality.

At the same time, you don’t have to worry about energy efficiency problems because of the large windows. When you choose high-quality products, such as Milgard windows, your home will be sealed to manage the energy usage. These windows will keep the cool air inside, even on a hot summer day.

Highlights of Tuscany Milgard Windows

The Tuscany line of Milgard windows offers style and design for a home of any size. Add elegance to each room without sacrificing comfort and simplicity! These windows offer equal sight lines as well as a frame shape that gives you beautiful shadow lines. This architectural style is popular, giving you the look and feel of wood windows with the benefits of vinyl durability.

If you like the appearance of wood but want to improve energy efficiency and performance, then Tuscany vinyl windows are a great solution. You can pick from a range of choices, including multiple operating styles, unique shapes, custom sizes, and various design options for colors, glass, and grids.

Why You Need Milgard Windows for Your San Diego Home

It can be a difficult decision to choose a style of windows for your home. This decision can impact the comfort and appearance of your living space. Take your time to consider the options, and make sure that you talk to the experts before you make your decision. Our team at Window Solutions is here to help.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the new windows that are installed in your home. We will walk you through the process of choosing a brand of windows, as well as the details of your custom order. Vinyl windows in San Diego gives you the freedom to choose the glass, colors, and overall design of each window that is installed in your home.

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing the Milgard brand of windows. When you are ready to learn more, then we invite you to call our team at Window Solutions at (619) 258-0515 . Feel free to come to our showroom anytime to see the products that are available: 11632 Riverside Dr Lakeside, CA 92040.



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