Getting French Or Garden Doors During Window Replacement

May 3, 2021

If you are in the market for replacement windows in Lakeside, CA, it might also be a good time to get other things done, like new doors that lead out to the patio or deck. These doors might also have windows on them so they can contribute to the efficiency of the house. Plus, getting things all at once allows you to be able to get things that look good together and cohesively style the house well. If you are interested in either garden or French doors to lead to your deck or patio, which way should you go?

French Doors

This option is generally two doors, sometimes as large as full-sized doors, that open at the center. They will have to swing into the house, which will take up floor space, but they give a lovely, classic appeal to any home exit. The doors often have glass in the center so you can see outside, but they lack privacy if you need that in a certain space. You can, of course, cover the doors with curtains of some kind, but those can get in the way.

Garden Doors

Garden doors are a popular type of door for an exit around the patio or deck. They are hinged on the side and open out, which makes them easier since they don’t take up space inside. They do, however, take up space outside so you will want to situate any furniture or items you have outside accordingly. While they also have double doors, only one door swings open while the other remains stationary. That doesn’t give you as big of an opening, but there aren’t as many doors in the way, either.

If you are getting new doors in addition to your replacement windows, getting them together can help you to coordinate your needs. If you are getting windows that already let in a lot of light and fresh air, perhaps a garden door will suffice. On the other hand, if the windows are picture and stationary near the doorway, you want to be able to let in lots of fresh air and French doors might be a better fit.replacement windows in Lakeside, CA

When you get the doors at the same time, you can get a similar color and style and you can coordinate hardware and other such things with the windows. Plus, you’ll be able to maximize the efficiency throughout the project and get the low energy bill results you really want in the end.

When you are ready for replacement windows in Lakeside, CA, whether you know for sure what doors you want for your patio entrance or not, the professionals at Window Solutions can help you organize your window needs. We want you to get the best you can get for the budget you have to offer to the project. Let us in on the specifics of your house and how much you have to spend and we’ll help you get everything just right for the installation.

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