Home Security And Window Replacement

Oct 12, 2020

replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA

Your home is your oasis of peace and you deserve to feel safe and secure within it. There are lots of things you can do to make your home even safer for your family. Did you know that installing replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA could be one of them? It is and here are some other options and ideas as well.

Motion Lights

It’s always a good idea to have motion lights around your home so that if something moves, they turn on. You could put them on in the front of the house so if anyone walks up the driveway, they trigger. You could also put them in the back, where no one should be after dark anyway. This often deters people who are up to no good because they certainly don’t want to be seen.

Security Systems

There are so many security systems on the market, it can be hard to know what to get. Some people install cameras inside their homes and when they are not home if something moves within the house, the camera will send a short video of that activity to the person’s phone. There are also alarm systems that will sound if windows or doors are opened when the alarms are on and so on. Speak with a security company about your concerns and see what they recommend.

Video Doorbells

Sometimes, people, you don’t want to see will walk right up to your door. Whether it’s a salesperson or someone who wants in and shouldn’t get in, it’s nice for you to know who’s there before you throw open the door. Plus, when you are away from the house if someone rings the doorbell to see if you are home, casing the house, you can say hello through the doorbell and ask what they want, as if you were really home.

Replacement Windows

You might not think of replacement windows as security measures, but they certainly are. Older windows might be easy to pry open or break, but new windows are not. New windows are impossible to open from the outside when they are locked, and the glass is much tougher and harder to break. Often times, intruders will see new windows and not even bother trying because they are not easy targets.

replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA

There are lots of things you can do to your home to make it safer and you want security for your family. Not only will new windows make you feel safer from intruders, but consider the fact that replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA will open and close from the inside with ease as well, unlike older windows. That’s a huge security bonus in the event of an emergency when you might need to use the windows as an emergency exit. The professionals at Window Solutions are here to think through those options with you and make sure you understand just how much more secure your home will be once the new windows are installed. Give us a call for a free consultation.

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