Money Saving, Energy Reducing Tips Including Replacement Windows

Mar 6, 2017

Would you be surprised to hear that there is money hiding in your home in San Diego, CA? We’re not talking about the change under the couch cushions or the dollar in the dryer. We’re talking about a lot more money than that. This kind of money is much more serious and can add up really fast. It’s money that you have been wasting on your energy bills every month. Who wants to spend money on something they don’t really need? Not you! Here are a few things you can to do reduce your energy use and save yourself some money. Get that money out of hiding and use it for other things!

  1. Replacement Windows

One of the biggest steps you can take towards saving money on your energy bills is investing in energy efficient replacement windows for your San Diego, CA home. When it comes to reducing energy costs, replacement windows are always at the top of the list. It costs money to cool your home in the summer and the more heat that comes inside from outside, the more you are going to have to spend to cool the home. When you have old windows, you are losing a lot of temperature-controlled air on a daily basis. Older windows don’t’ have the energy efficiency technology of modern windows. You can often hold your hand up against a window and feel the hot or cold air from outside coming in. When you get replacement windows, you are taking advantage of technology and reducing your utility bills at the same time.

  1. Upgrade Appliances

Another way to save on bills is to upgrade your appliances. Old appliances also are not taking advantage of new, energy-saving technology. If you have appliances older than 8 years, they can be replaced and you can save money.

  1. Regulate Electricity Use

There are some items that get left on all the time but aren’t always being used. If you have items you aren’t using, like a cell phone charger, unplug it to save electricity. If you do this regularly for all the items you don’t use, you’ll start to see the savings add up.

  1. Water Overheating

If you have a water heater, check its temperature. Set the heater to 120 degrees. You’ll still have warm water but you won’t have to pay for lost energy.

There are plenty of ways to save energy and money, but since replacement windows top every list, it is a good idea to call Window Solutions at 619-258-0515 and set up a consultation. We work with windows each and every day and we are ready and waiting to use our extensive knowledge to benefit your project. You are also welcome to stop by and see us at 11632 Riverside Dr Lakeside, CA 92040. We want to help you save money every month so you can spend it on items that really matter. New windows can help in that area and in many others.

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