Picture Window Design Features to Improve Aesthetics

Oct 31, 2016

Do you want to improve the natural sunlight in your home? Picture windows are a great way to increase the amount of light that comes into each room. As you are choosing the design and the location of the window, make sure that you talk with an experienced windows dealer for more information.

What is a Picture Window?

Typically, picture windows are simple, large windows that provide a view of the outdoor area. These windows are usually rectangular in shape with a single pane of glass. When picture windows are designed, they don’t have the function to open.

Since this type of window is so simple, why is it so popular? The truth is that the simplicity of the design is beneficial to make the home look classy and elegant without too much fluff. This type of window is very versatile. You might choose a standalone picture window, or incorporate the window in a cluster with other windows.

Ideas for Picture Window Design

As you are planning your picture window, you might consider one of these three popular design options:

  1. Energy Efficient Products: Just because you have large windows in your home, doesn’t mean that your energy bills will go up. Choose the right materials, and you will see that you can enjoy the beauty of the natural sunlight without impacting the temperature inside your home. These windows are always created to be custom-fit to your home, allowing you the opportunity to choose the materials and design.
  2. Add Other Windows: Instead of leaving the picture window on its own, consider adding other windows in the same area. It looks nice to have smaller windows on both sides of the picture window. Additionally, the multiple windows increase the natural sunlight. These smaller windows can be designed to open if you want to let in some fresh air.
  3. Window Height: It is common to have picture windows placed at eye level, but there are some beautiful designs with the windows placed higher in the room. If you have vaulted ceilings, consider the advantages of brightening up the room with tall windows. Since you don’t need to open windows that are so high, it makes sense to choose a picture window style for this space on the wall.

These window designs can be used for a new home. Or, you might choose the picture design style if you want to replace older windows in your home. The possibilities are endless! Make sure that you choose a window installer that offers custom solutions. A custom project will allow you to choose every detail of your new window installation in San Diego, CA.

Hiring a Window Contractor

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