Replacement Window Color–Pros

Mar 18, 2019

When you are choosing details for your Carlsbad, CA replacement windows, there are going to be pros and cons to every choice you make. While you’ll want to look at both sides of the coin for every aspect, it’s nice to be positive about some of the fun parts—like the color. Choosing the color can be very fun, but it’s also very important. Here are the pros of certain colors. You can decide on cons yourself or look them up later. For now, let’s look at the upside to these colors.   

Carlsbad, CA replacement windows

White Replacement Windows 

White is the most popular color for replacement windows. When you choose white, you know you are getting something that will go with any color. There’s no going wrong with white. Not only does it go with whatever color you have on your house now, but if you paint the house in the future, while will still work with the new color. White is also a color that reflects light so you’re able to bring more natural light in and give your home a larger feel on the inside thanks to the frame color.  

Black Replacement Windows 

Black hasn’t always been a popular option for replacement windows, but right now, it’s huge. With the modern style, the contrast between black and any light color can give the home a dramatic look. Black is a stark contrast and can really frame the windows and make their newness look even fresher. For homes with light colors, black makes the windows stand out as something new and gorgeous.  

Coordinated Replacement Windows 

For a coordinated look, you will need to find a window color that matches the color of your house. This look is very streamlined and allows you to blend your new windows right into the house. They look like they’ve always been there, even if they’re brand new. They fit into the color you have and don’t clash.  

Bright Colored Replacement Windows 

If you have a neutral color on your house, like tan, gray, or white, it’s possible to choose a replacement window color that is brighter in nature. Some people like to have a bright red front door, so why not choose red for the replacement windows as well? The bright colors can give your home a unique sense of style that can really work with certain houses.  

Now that you know some of the pros of certain colors, you can decide which one is right for you. Take some Carlsbad, CA replacement window color samples to your home and look at them in the natural lighting of your home at several different points in the day. This will allow you to see how they’ll look against your house. If you’re ready to talk details, contact Window Solutions. We’re situated at 11632 Riverside Dr Lakeside, CA 92040 and we’re here to help. Stop by and ask questions or check out the windows we carry. You can also call us with your inquiries at (619) 258-0515. Let’s set up a consultation appointment.  

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