Dec 19, 2016

I know, I know no one likes to spend money on responsibilities; especially maintenance around the house. There is nothing exciting about, for example, replacing your windows. Right?


Hang in there with me. There are real reasons to be excited about replacement windows. I cannot speak for the excitement of the other responsibilities in your life—but let us address your windows.

At Window Solutions in El Cajon, CA, we know shopping for your San Diego, CA replacement windows is not as thrilling as, say, shopping for new clothing or your next surfboard. But, replacement window shopping does not have to fall flat in the excitement department.

The below short list explains the 3 most thrilling reasons to get excited about working with Window Solutions very soon.

  1. You love makeovers—for your home!
    Am I the only one who gets excited about redecorating and upgrading my home? Surely not. Your windows are one of your home’s most prominent features. If they are dated or worn out, your home will look dated and worn out. If they are beautiful, your home will look beautiful. No redecorating can accomplish this make-or-break effect. Ask yourself: does my home need a makeover? Yes? We can help! Our team at Window Solutions is fun and excited about making your home beautiful again (or finally…). If you know the time has come—or passed—for you to give your home a facelift, now may just be the perfect time to have some fun with it. Is there a style you wish you had chosen when you were building? Were the window types the “compromise” with your realtor (or spouse) when purchasing your home? Do you have enough natural light? Replacement window shopping can be very exciting as we revamp the tired look with the beautiful
  2. You love when you have extra money!
    Drafty windows are expensive, especially here in El Cajon, CA, where the sunlight and heat steal conditioned air from homes without energy-efficient windows. In fact, windows which are not air tight can affect your energy bills by as much as 25%! Wouldn’t it be nice to see a smaller bill each month for your air conditioning? This change is as simple as replacing your windows with energy-efficient ones. Who doesn’t love extra money each month?
  3. You love working windows!
    If your windows have warped or broken frames, they are acting as an open invite for leaked air and outdoor critters. Shouldn’t windows do their job? All too often, people ignore drafty, foggy, or unmovable windows because they learn to tolerate the inconvenience. But, these issues can also provide an easy entry for intruders. Now, I should not need to lecture you about windows which do not open or close properly (and the safety risk this imposes)… But critters? Nothing is worth bugs and critters making your home their home.

At Window Solutions, all the excitement of newness, savings, and safety you seek is wrapped into one hard-working and honest company. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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