Replacement Window Warranty Questions Answered

Dec 9, 2019

As you are deciding what replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA you want for your home, don’t forget to look over the warranties on those windows so you know what you have to back them up later. Warranties are a good way to help you tell what windows are quality and what manufacturers stand behind their products. Though they can be difficult, it’s important to know what you are getting before you make the final purchase. You might have questions about the warranties and here are a few of them answered for you.

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What Is A Warranty?

You probably know that warranties are agreements that address certain issues (or any issue) for a specific time frame (or forever) on the windows you choose. The warranties can vary in what they cover and on length of time, so be sure to figure out the details.

Do Warranties Come With Every Window?

They should. If you find a window that doesn’t have a warranty on it, that could very well mean that the manufacturer isn’t willing to stand behind the product. That’s never a good sign. It’s best to find a better window for your happiness and for your future.

What Do Warranties Cover?

That can vary from window to window. Some accounts will have a lifetime coverage on parts, but that might not include labor. Some might have a limited coverage, which only includes some parts. Others might have a coverage for a certain number of years, like 5 or 10. They’re all different and it’s best to understand what you’re getting upfront, so you know what you need to do if something breaks down later.

Are Warranties Transferrable?

Some are, some aren’t. It’s best to get one that is transferrable because when you sell your house in the future, however far down the road that might be, that’s an attractive feature to a potential buyer. If they know they get to take over your warranty, they might over look anything that could be wrong with the windows by then. They can get it fixed and they know it.

There are many other details that go into warranties and often, they are one of the last things you will consider or go over with your window professionals. Make sure you understand the terms and ask any questions you have until things are clear for you. Get a complete copy for your records so you can look back on it later. You can also always call the window company for help later, if necessary.

When you have questions about warranties on replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA, the professionals at Window Solutions are here with answers. Call us at (619) 258-0515 to ask whatever you’d like or stop by our store and we’ll go over things with you in person. We’re located at 11632 Riverside Dr. Lakeside, CA 92040 and we’re here to help. We want you to know everything you need to know about the windows you get, warranty and all, so you are fully prepared for any circumstances.

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