Specialty Replacement Windows To Consider

Mar 15, 2021

As you start to get excited about all of the things replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA can do for your house, also keep in mind that getting new windows gives you a huge opportunity. Yes, you are going to get further efficiency in your home, among many other benefits, but you can also really make a difference in the appearance of certain rooms of the house by using some unique, specialty windows. For the most part, you will put in standard window styles, but adding a few unique windows with a special flair can make a huge difference in your house. Here are a few different specialty styles to consider.

Bay Or Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are at an angle and protrude out of your home. They are valuable and desirable and they give your home a great look inside and out. Inside, you actually have more space in the room with the windows. That’s never a bad thing. You generally get a lot more natural light, too, and you enjoy a better view. From the exterior, the windows add further curb appeal and architectural interest overall.

Unusual Shaped Windows

Most of your windows are going to be vertical rectangles, but that doesn’t mean all of them to have to be that way. You might want to put an octagonal window above the front door, for example, to make that entryway really stand out as unusual. You can bring in more light and add visual interest to certain areas of the house. In the living room, you might already have a picture window, so why not add some circular windows above that window in order to add light and shapes? While rectangles make great window shapes, there are other shapes you can use in certain locations to make the windows stand out.

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Unique Sized Windows

Just like most of your windows are rectangles, most of them are a normal size as well. There are standard sizes that work well for windows, but you don’t have to have every window in that size, if you don’t want to. You can place a smaller window above the kitchen sink, for example, or a small window next to a picture window so you can ventilate the space. There are small and even large window sizes that are unusual and they can fit in nicely to the grand scheme of your house.

While most of your windows might look about the same, it is a good idea to consider unique replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA in certain places to make your house stand out as something different and special. Talk to the professionals at Window Solutions about your standard and unique window needs and we will help you through the process on a room-by-room basis. We want every room of your house to be just what you want and the results you get are important to us as well as to you and your home. Give us a call for a free consultation and go from there.

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