Terms Pertaining To Window Replacement

Jul 11, 2022

You have a career in a certain area and if that’s not replacement windows in Lakeside, CA, then it’s likely you don’t know all of the terms that go along with new windows. You are going to want to learn a few things and, anything you don’t know, ask the professionals so you can have a better understanding of what you might want to do for the sake of your own home. You may want to spend some time online, researching various terms so you have a better understanding. Or, you can simply ask the professionals when you visit the showroom, or when you have a free consultation. Here’s a start on some of the terms.


High Levels Of Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is something you know you want in a lot of things in your home. You want your appliances to be energy efficient, for example, your HVAC to run efficiently, and yes, even your replacement windows. But how do replacement windows make things efficient? The windows have a good deal of sway in your home’s efficiency levels. Older windows might leak air in and out and that’s not going to be efficient at all. That makes your HVAC run longer and more often to keep up with the temperature you want in the home. When you have new windows installed, efficiency levels rise. You don’t have to worry about air leaks and your HVAC won’t run for as long, or as often. You are no longer wasting energy. So, you know you want efficiency, but how do you get it? You are going to want to pay attention to the rating labels, which tell you everything you want to know about efficiency and how the window will function. These labels have more terms to them and the professionals can go over them with you.


Inert Gas Filling Upgrades

There are certain standards in replacement windows today and most windows are double pane glass with air fillings between the panes of glass. That air filling can help to insulate the home, but you might hear about inert gas fillings. This is a harmless, invisible gas that can go between the panes of glass instead of air. It is denser than air so it can slow down any air that tries to get through the glass and provide further insulation for your home along with more energy efficiency.


Sashesreplacement window in Lakeside, CA

Isn’t a sash something you wear with clothing? It could be, but with windows, it means the part of the window that is all-inclusive. On double-hung windows, for example, there are two sashes. They can both move up or down. On casement windows, there’s one sash that swings out and away from the house. Windows don’t generally have more than two sashes unless it’s a bay or bow window.

There are lots of other terms to learn in relation to replacement windows in Lakeside, CA that you may want to learn before you get into the process too far. Have a free consultation with professionals to learn more.

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